Warren C Easley

Warren Easley

Formerly a research scientist and international business executive, award-winning author Warren C. Easley lives in Oregon where he writes fiction and tutors GED students.  Easley is the author of the Cal Claxton Mysteries.  For more, visit www.WarrenEasley.com and www.facebook.com/WarrenCEasley

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6 Responses to Warren C Easley

  1. Hi Warren,

    I’ve been waiting for your third book – your two previous books are great. I like Cal Claxton as the hero of the stories. He’s human but more as all heroes should be. And its interesting to learn about Oregon through your content. We all love your books!

    I have been reading James (prolific) Patterson and like your style much better. It’s like comparing British TV series on BBC with Am TV series (like Doc Martin or Midsummers Murder to Modern Family! )

    Can’t wait for your next book!

  2. In “Dead Float” on p. 147, Cal refers to his Glock 19 (“I set the safety and put the gun on the nightstand); on p. 170 (“The safety on the Glock was still engaged. . .”); on p. 253 (“I clicked off the safety on my Glock. . .”); on p. 261 (“I checked the Glock and clicked the safety off.”).

    A Glock pistol (including the Glock 19) does not have any external safety. There is no safety to click on or off, so Cal’s comments do not make any sense. Any person who owns, possesses, uses, or has ever fired a Glock 19 – including Cal Claxton – would know this.

    Other than this obvious discrepancy, I enjoyed “Dead Float” very much. As a retired teacher, former Marine Vietnam veteran, fly fisherman, and firearms enthusiast, I enjoy reading mysteries – especially ones that include fly fishing. I intend to read “Matters of Doubt” next, and I look forward to other books in this series.

    David Moxhay

    • Hello David, thanks for the comments. Yes, the Glock has a trigger safety, which I discovered to my horror after the manuscript was in production. No excuse for that whatsoever!
      Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope you like the rest of my books…

  3. Loved Dead Float. This is just a good series . Good characters and great plots. Keep on writing Warren, you have the talent.

    • Hi Hank, missed you when I was in Camden last September. Jay took me to a breakfast where I saw Lynn and Don. Damn shame about Pullum. I’ll sure miss him.
      Thanks for the encouragement. This has been a lot of fun!
      All the best.

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