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Having taken early retirement from her job as a systems analyst in the high-pressure financial world, Vicki Delany is settling down to the rural life in bucolic Prince Edward County, Ontario, where she rarely wears a watch. A Cold White Sun is the sixth mystery in her Constable Molly Smith series. Visit Vicki’s web page at

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More Than Sorrow Final Front Cover

More Than Sorrow

Once, Hannah Manning was an internationally-renowned journalist and war correspondent.  Today, she’s a woman suffering from a traumatic brain injury.  Unable to read, unable to concentrate, full of pain, lost and confused, haunted by her memories, […] Read More →

Under Cold Stone

Under Cold Stone: A Constable Molly Smith Novel #7

Passionate environmentalist, old-time hippy Lucky Smith and Paul Keller, Chief Constable of Trafalgar, British Columbia, are an unlikely couple. Their vacation to the Rocky Mountains is a chance to explore their fledging late-in-life relationship. They plan […] Read More →

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10 Responses to Vicki Delany

  1. Hello
    I wanted to let Vicki know – that when I decide to start reading again and do it through audible books – I found your Molly Smith series and fell in love with your writing and story telling and having visited some of the area some years back just brought me back to the wonderful sights and sounds of Beautiful BC.

    Thank you for your vision and I do look forward to more of your Molly series…

    God Bless You.

  2. I love the Molly Smith mysteries. I hope you are going to write more and I can’t wait to continue in her life. I love your writing.

  3. Love these books ! I am currently reading Among the Departed and have found them in my local library system so far! I have visited the Kootenay Lake region and love it as a setting for Blue Sky and Trafalgar. My only problem ….I don’t want to get to the end…Please keep writing!…Llove Lucky!!

  4. Love your Molly Smith books !Will you continue this series? I am really enjoying them .Have the seven that are available now .Just have books 5, 6, and 7 left to read !! Starting to worry about when the next one will be coming out !

    • Thanks so much, Loverda. I’m glad you like them. There are only 6 so far, but the seventh UNDER COLD STONE is scheduled for April. I think it’s available for pre-order now. I plan to keep writing them, as long as people want to read them.

    • Hi, Mike. I checked iBooks, and to my surprise it looks as though Negative Image is the only one of my books not showing. I will let the good people at Poisoned Pen Press know and hopefully that can soon be fixed.

      Thanks for asking….


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