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Triss Stein is a small-town girl who has spent most of her adult life living and working in New York City. This gives her the useful double vision of a stranger and a resident which she uses to write mysteries about Brooklyn, her ever-fascinating, ever-changing, ever-challenging adopted home. Brooklyn Graves is the second Erica Donato mystery, following Brooklyn Bones.

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  1. I picked up Brooklyn Graves at The St. George branch of NYPL last week and enjoyed reading about Green Wood Cemetery. My great grandfather and his sister each have family plots there. I have the deed for Anton Snydstrup and a couple years ago walked the entire cemetery looking for his plot. Of course, he was a poor immigrant from Denmark so his plot was way in the back and I did not find a marker or headstone. I walked past some really amazing building.
    I enjoyed the story and returned to the library on Monday to pick up Brooklyn Bones. Again, you caught my interest with the time frame. The early 1970s in NYC was a different time I worked in downtown Manhattan in 1973. Watched the World Trade Center rising from deep hole in the ground. Most of my coworkers were from Brooklyn. I heard some amazingly scary stories about Park Slope. My subway ride from Wall to Atlantic Ave. and the LIRR were also difficult at times.
    It was a very different time in the city.

    • Gina, thanks so much for writing. It’s always wonderful to hear from a happy reader. I especially like it when they share memories as you just did.


  2. i download your book on overdrive from aberdeen city librarys in scotland uk returned it back to them but i cant get it of my hp notebook.altho library confirms after reading it i returned it it is stuck in my system.please help

    • We have no way to help with this. You have a computer problem that probably needs help from HP.

  3. Finished reading “Brooklyn Graves” and I really enjoyed the “breezy” style of it. I have had years of art history and loved the theme of the “lost Tiffany Window.” Since I have also raised a teenage son, the dialog between the mother and daughter were so true to life…maybe a bit too real! Now I am going to search out and read your first book, “Brooklyn Bones.”
    P.S. I am born and raised in the San Francisco bay area and have never been to Brooklyn, but loved to read about it all.

  4. As a writer whohas lived since childhood in Brooklyn, I loved Brooklyn Bones. One quibble – you cannot see the ocean from the Brooklyn Bridge, and I doubt you can see it from any buildind in Manhattan.

  5. Loved Brooklyn Bones! I lived in Brooklyn years ago and so enjoyed the subtlities. Can’t wait to read your 2 other books.
    Thank you very much!

  6. Thank you, Ethel. I am so glad you enjoyed it. You might enjoy my website: It has some fun Brooklyn elements. I am hard at work on the next one, which will also be Brooklyn story, but not about Park Slope. A hint is that is includes Green-Wood Cemetery.

    I don’t know when it will be out. I am deep in a complex rewrite. There will be news here at Poisoned Pen, and on the website too.

    Thanks again for writing.

  7. I just read Brooklyn Bones and really enjoyed it. I live in New Jersey but try to get to New York at least once a month for shopping, plays, etc. When will the next Erica Donato book come out???

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