First, Do No Harm low res cover

First, Do No Harm

The past comes rearing up to bite the next generation when a son digs too deep into his family’s past…. Martin Firestone can’t figure why his father, the eccentric painter Leo Firestone, is throwing a fit. All Martin did was tell his dad he’d been accepted to medical school. Then, Leo tells Martin a story [...] Read More →

Forgotten at the Grocery

Today my co-writer Eric Mayer, or as we usually call him the silent partner, emerges from the shadows to guest blog. Take it away, Eric! — Mary Reed This time it was the three bean salad. It’s always something. The awful realization hits me when I’m halfway home, or hauling the bags out of the [...] Read More →

From Mary Anna–Notes from the Florida Book Awards

Here I am, failing to get my post up before noon, because I just got home from the Florida Book Awards yesterday afternoon.  It was a fabulous two-day event, beginning with a banquet on Tuesday evening for the book awards, followed by a luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion for all the medalists on Wednesday