Deep-Set Eyes and a Perfectly Shaped Head

by Mary Reed A particular interest of older novels for me at least is their unconscious evidence of contemporary notions of feminine beauty, often on full display when first introducing the girl the hero will ultimately marry. As a small illustration I offer a handful of quotes from novels appearing between the late 1890s and […] Read More →

Desert Run Low Res cover

Desert Run: A Lena Jones Mystery #4

Things are never easy for Scottsdale private eye Lena Jones. Her partner in Desert Investigations, Jimmy Siswan, is leaving for an upscale wife and a job at Sun Microsystems. Her old Captain at the Scottsdale PD is off home to Brooklyn. She’s doing security for Warren Quinn, director of a documentary being shot at Papago […] Read More →

Dry Heat Low Res cover

Dry Heat: A David Mapstone Mystery #3

Half a century after the unsolved murder of an FBI agent, the victim’s missing badge is found on the body of a dead transient. The case seems a perfect fit for David Mapstone, history-professor-turned-Maricopa-County-deputy-sheriff. That is, if he can get past a forced partnership with rival cold-case expert Sgt. Kate Vare and the FBI’s strange […] Read More →

Eagles I Have Known

My maternal grandfather, Frank S. Smerchek, was an Eagle, a Sokol. Although most sources say “Sokol” means “falcon” rather than Eagle. But we knew him as an eagle. His parents migrated from Moravia in the 1800s.

Effigies low res cover

Effigies: A Faye Longchamp Mystery #3

Faye Longchamp and Joe Wolf Mantooth have traveled to Neshoba County, Mississippi, to help excavate a site near Nanih Waiya, the sacred mound where tradition says the Choctaw nation was born.When farmer Carroll Calhoun refuses the archaeologists’ request to investigate an ancient Native American mound, Faye and her colleagues are disappointed. But his next action […] Read More →

Faces from the Past

I’ve decided to return to my little collection of images from the past,  including many faces that have provided inspiration and guidance of one type or another for my fictional forays.

First, Catch Your Cold

by Mary Reed Glancing recently through Mrs Beeton’s far-famed Book of Household Management I noticed, despite common wisdom, she did not instruct cooks intending to create jugged hare to first catch their hare. No, in fact Mrs B’s two recipes for this dish leap right to the chase. The first begins “Skin, paunch, and wash […] Read More →