Five for Silver low res

Five for Silver: A John, the Lord Chamberlain Mystery #5

The year is 542. While plague stalks Constantinople, an angel sets John the Eunuch on the trail of a human killer. Peter, John’s elderly servant, claims a heavenly visitor revealed a murder to him. It transpires Peter’s old army friend has indeed been stabbed, but then John discovers that Gregory was not what he appeared [...] Read More →

Forgotten at the Grocery

Today my co-writer Eric Mayer, or as we usually call him the silent partner, emerges from the shadows to guest blog. Take it away, Eric! — Mary Reed This time it was the three bean salad. It’s always something. The awful realization hits me when I’m halfway home, or hauling the bags out of the [...] Read More →

Four for a Boy low res

Four for a Boy: A John, the Lord Chamberlain Mystery #4

In 525 Constantinople nothing is as it should be. The winter is unnaturally cold, and the palace has fallen under the sway of both the shade of the wife of the dying Emperor Justin and Theodora, the former actress his gravely ill successor Justinian intends to marry. The streets are terrorized alternately by elegantly dressed [...] Read More →

From Mary Anna–Notes from the Florida Book Awards

Here I am, failing to get my post up before noon, because I just got home from the Florida Book Awards yesterday afternoon.  It was a fabulous two-day event, beginning with a banquet on Tuesday evening for the book awards, followed by a luncheon at the Governor’s Mansion for all the medalists on Wednesday