Steven F Havill

Steven F. Havill

Steven F. Havill is the author of 24 novels set in the American west. He lives with his wife, Kathleen, in Raton, New Mexico.

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Bag Limit

Bag Limit: A Posadas County Mystery #9

Bill Gastner, reluctant sheriff of Posadas County, New Mexico, anticipates his last few days in office will be uneventful. That is, until local teen Matt Baca drives drunkenly into the back of Gastner’s cruiser and flees […] Read More →

Bitter Recoil

Bitter Recoil: A Posadas County Mystery #2

“Aging Posadas County Undersheriff Bill Gastner has weathered his quadruple bypass and is taking a rare vacation up in New Mexico’s northern mountains. He’s escaping meddlesome medical providers who wish he’d reform, but he is staging […] Read More →

Havil_BloodSweep no gun

Blood Sweep: A Posadas County Mystery #20

Gifted fifteen-year-old Francisco Guzman has become an internationally renowned concert pianist, touring the world under the auspices of his music conservatory. That gives his mother, Posadas County Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman, plenty of reason to worry–and that’s […] Read More →


Come Dark: A Posadas County Mystery #21

Posadas County, New Mexico, is in the news. NightZone, a mammoth astronomy theme park, is bringing in jobs, media, and such new infrastructure as a slick narrow-gauge railway to transport tourists from the village of Posadas […] Read More →

Dead Weight

Dead Weight: A Posadas County Mystery #8

A well-seasoned sixty-nine, Sheriff Bill Gastner knows his Posadas, New Mexico, territory as well as he understands the foibles of the human condition. So when a backhoe crushes a man to death, it’s more instinct than […] Read More →


Double Prey: A Posadas County Mystery #17

A rattlesnake fang pegged in a teenager’s eye is just the beginning of a spring day for Posadas Undersheriff Estelle Guzman. The injured lad’s older brother goes missing, and is found dead in an arroyo, apparently […] Read More →


Final Payment: A Posadas County Mystery #15

The rugged Cat Mesa country north of the village of Posadas is hosting the first annual Posadas 100, a cycle-cross bicycle race that promises to attract more than 140 competitors. Despite enough injuries during the pre-race […] Read More →


Heartshot: A Posadas County Mystery #1

Posadas County, New Mexico, has very few mean streets and no city-slick cop shop. But it has an earnest, elected Sheriff and his aging Undersheriff—William C. Gastner. Pushing sixty, widower Bill has no other life than […] Read More →


NightZone: A Posadas County Mystery #19

What do you do when you inherit $330 million after taxes? If you’re New Mexico rancher Miles Waddell, you build a dream. A flat-topped mesa and a third of a billion dollars equals NIGHTZONE, an astronomy-based […] Read More →


One Perfect Shot: A Posadas County Mystery #18

When a county employee is found shot to death in sun-drenched daylight while sitting in his county road grader, Undersheriff Bill Gastner is faced with puzzling questions. The simplest explanation–that an errant bullet from a careless […] Read More →

Scavengers Low Res cover

Scavengers: A Posadas County Mystery #11

A man’s body is found in the unforgiving New Mexico desert, his face so smashed that identification is impossible. It’s the beginning of a brutal murder spree that will soon take Posadas County’s new undersheriff, Estelle […] Read More →

Twice Buried Low Res cover

Twice Buried: A Posadas County Mystery #3

Bill Gastner, Undersheriff of Posadas County, knows ancient Anna Hocking didn’t fall down her fruit cellar stairs by accident. He’s also sure that elderly Reuben Fuentes knows nothing about the bodies scattered on his dusty, southern […] Read More →

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85 Responses to Steven F Havill

  1. I am a great fan of your Bill Gastner/Posadas County series of books, and have read most of ‘em (with two more currently downstairs awaiting my attention). Just finished Statute of Limitations.

    One technical error you might want to address if the book goes through multiple printings: You identify the air ambulance aircraft that took Sheriff Torrez to Albuquerque as a Navajo turboprop. The Navajo is a piston-powered airplane. The turboprop version of that series is the Cheyenne.

    They all come in various flavors. The Navajo ranges from a short-fuselage model with either 300 HP naturally aspirated (uncommon) or 310 HP turbocharged Lycoming piston engines, through various fuselage stretches and power increases, to a pressurized version with 425 HP Lycoming piston engines (unsuccessful because they pushed that series of engine a little too hard and made it somewhat unreliable).

    The turboprops started with the Cheyenne, similar to the short-fuselage Navajo but with tip tanks to carry the extra fuel needed by the thirsty 620 HP Pratt & Whitney PT6A turboprops, to hugely stretched versions with nearly double the power. The stretched-fuselage Cheyenne II-XL would be a good candidate for a small medium range one-stretcher air ambulance airplane, but a generic reference to a Piper Cheyenne would probably cover the bases and keep aviators’ noses from twitching when they read the book.

    If you want any more free advice about airplanes, feel free to contact me. With more than 50 years and 23,000+ flight hours as a pilot in large and small airplanes, I’m full of it.

    Cheers –

    John Hazlet

  2. I’m re-reading the entire series. It’s one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.

    I wonder if Mr. Havill has considered writing about Bill Gastner’s early days in Posadas County. There would be a lot of territory to mine there. I sort of miss ol’ Bill being at the center of the novel.

  3. I was so excited to see new Posadas mystery on the library shelf, snatched it up, and read it right away, and I have to say it is one of the best of the series. However, once again you tantalize me with the “Green Chile Lasagna” in book after book and I look in vain to find the recipe at the end of the story! Not fair to get my taste buds all fired up just imagining how wonderful this dish could be coming out of MY oven. How about sharing the recipe???

  4. I’m currently reading Come Dark. I’ve read them in order, including Red, Green or Murder which seems confusing. I read on Kindle and you have become a “Go To” author.

    Please consider an Instagram account or Facebook. I can understand your reluctance, but I want to share your good work other than on Goodreads. I have many more friends on Facebook, (sadly) , but strictly from a business perspective, a Facebook page seems reasonable.

    And I have a friend who lives in NM that posted a picture you may like. Unfortunately, I can’t figure a way to share it with you.

  5. Love, love, love this series. Couldn’t put any of the books down; they just flow so easily. Was so happy when I saw #20 come out. You are a GREAT writer. Is there a fan club…or something, that would tell me when a new book is released?

    • I agree with you Annee…I have the series in hard copy (paperback & hardback), audio books, and e-books. I think that this series should be put onto a television series. What a great show this would be on TNT. I would then buy every show. First I read the hard copy…then listened to the audio books…and now my summer reading is the e-books. I have never reread a book before, but Steven Havill’s writing is so good…..

  6. I have read all 20 of the Posadas County books on Kindle. I loved every one of them and am anxiously awaiting number 21 and more.

  7. I’m doing a re-read prior to the new book and just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying this series once again. A nice surprise was that I had skipped one book. I had bought it but didn’t realize that I hadn’t read it! (We ordered several at one time.) So thanks again for your work and for some wonderful characters. I’ve recommended your books to anyone I meet.

  8. Dear Mr. Havill,
    I have read two of your books and will read more. Lately I have found too many authors whom I used to like, using animal cruelty in their books to emphasize something. Not sure what. It was a pleasure to read a book ‘Red, Green or Murder’ and not read about any animal cruelty. Once an author starts that, i read them no longer.
    I have to use audio books because of poor vision, so like the plots simple, but good, not too many characters and an interesting read. thanks for a good book.

  9. My wife and I have listened to most of the first 18 books and the prequel. We were on the road moving from Salt Lake City, UT to McMinnville OR and going back for more stuff and for visits with family. Needles to say we now need to go back and forth less often but with either Bill Gastner or Estelle Guzman and their families riding along with us as it takes most of the roundtrip to hear each full book.

    We most heartily thank you for a lot of enjoyment Mr. Havill

  10. Before listening to Rusty Nelson read the Bill Gastner novels, I didn’t realize how much impact the narrator has on the actual story. Rusty Nelson is Bill Gastner. Thanks to him for helping these books & characters come alive! How I hope there is a new one in the works!! Thank you, Steven Havill AND Rusty Nelson for many hours “spent” in Posadas County, New Mexico!

    • There IS a new one (hurrah, hurrah!). Look at the booklist at the top of this page for #20. It’s coming out in April. Can’t wait!

  11. Thank you, thank you for your Posadas County books! I’ve read them all and they are wonderful. I really like Estelle and her family adventures and her devotion to her job. Race for the Dying was so very good, too, and I am happy to learn there is a sequel! I’ve got a reserve/hold on a copy of the sequel and will get it soon. I’ve bought alot of your books and they are worth reading again and again. Thank you very much!

    • I really enjoy the Posadas County mysteries but many of them are no longer available through the Apple bookstore. I reached out to Poisoned Pen Press with no luck. Help! I miss Estelle and Bill…

  12. I am concerned about the possibly of the next book in the Posadas County series. When will we get a date for the next one? Is everything okay in Posadas County?

  13. Mr. Havill, I’m anxiously awaiting your next Posadas County/Gastner book. I hope there will be many more. I’m a lifelong avid reader, and this series entertains me more than any I’ve ever read. As an overweight 69-year-old, I appreciate Bill Gastner. The characters have been developed and described extremely well. While reading these books, I feel I’m at home in this small town of Posadas.

  14. Please tell me you’re writing another book because I’m ready to buy it. More than ready. I think I have all the Posadas County series and will start a re-read when I hear about a new one. Love your books.

  15. I got the first Bill Gastner mystery as a free Kindle book and loved it. Over the past 5 months I have purchased every book in the Bill Gastner and Posadas County series. I’m now reading the last book and wish there were more. As a pilot, I appreciate the accuracy with which you depict all aviation-related aspects. I assume you are equally accurate with police procedures.

    Please keep writing these books.

  16. I just finished NightZone. I hope Bill Gastner lives a long, long time, and that Steven F. Havill keeps telling his stories.

    • I love, love, Bill Gastner and Posadas County Mysteries. Can’t wait for the next book after NightZone.

  17. I really enjoy the Posadas County mysteries and Bill Gastner. As a former sheriff’s deputy and a pilot the stories hold personal interest for me on several levels. I would like to see less bad language. It really only detracts from the otherwise fine stories.

    In Red, Green or Murder, Chapter 14, the following statement is located in the first few paragraphs: “Fifteen seventeen,” I said, and frowned—not at the military notation, but at how the timing fitted in with the rest of my day’s events. The note recorded that at 4:17 p.m.,

    This is incorrect. Fifteen seventeen equates to 3:17 pm, not 4:17, which would be Sixteen seventeen.

    Keep up the good writing.


  18. When is the next Posadas County Mystery due to be released? Will there be more? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE say YES!!!!!!!!!!

  19. This is one of my two favorite series. I really miss Bill Gastner, though. Even with Estella as Undersheriff, Bill could have a role. Replacing him with Leonna just doesn’t do much for me and, although the plot is probably as good, the books just aren’t as “real”. I always felt that Bill Gastner’s stories were the retelling of actual events, instead of fiction. Would anyone else really LOVE to read more Bill Gastner books?

    • I agree, Sheri! I miss Bill Gastner as if he were a close personal friend. I like Estelle and her family, but they aren’t nearly as interesting as Sheriff Gastner. Even when he was the livestock inspector the book was a fun read. I don’t care what his job is…….I want MORE!!!!

    • Absolutely agree! Early on, I decided that listening to the Gastner series was a must! I use our state downloadable library to burn CDs for whenever I’m in the car (which is often). Imagine my total dismay when I realized that Bag Limit was the LAST in the Gastner series. I am SO disappointed! I was all set to go with him on his new career!
      That said, I am in the queue to burn the first of the Posadas County Mystery series … I’m sure I won’t be disapponted, but….if reader sentiment influences authors, please write a new Gastner novel!

  20. Mr. Havill,

    Well pardner, that’s damn fine writing. Now I’m sol since I just finished the last three Posadas County books on my flight to Istanbul. I’ve had the privilege of making several enjoyable trips to central and northern New Mexico: Albuguerque, Taos, Santa Fe, Los Alamos, but not down south. I stumbled onto Scavengers at the library a few weeks ago and ordered all the rest from Amazon. Now Sheriff Gastner and the Guzmans feel like family. I laughed out loud many times at the dialogue and descriptions. Congratulations. I hope you have enough stamina to crank out a few more. I very much want to see what Francis, Estelle, Francisco and Carlos are up to. Of course, Estelle has to become Sheriff. Old attitudes crumbling. We have two daughters, one with the FBI. So, we have a pretty good idea of what a Sheriff Estelle would run into in terms of prejudice. Many thanks for hours of enjoyment. From another old codger like Bill.

  21. Thank you so much for your Posadas series. I stumbled upon it in my library and have read 6 of them so far and looking forward to reading more. Love the characters. I wish they were on tape, since my husband does not like to read books, he does like to listen to them on tape.

    • You can get all of the Posadas books on audio! You can buy them from Books in Motion or on or on My family loves hearing Rusty Nelson read them- he has the perfect voice for Sheriff Gastner.

    • I’ve gotten all of them as audiobooks from my online library. Before downloading them as MP3 files, I checked them out as CD’s, and before that, as tapes. I would imagine the audiobooks could be purchased, also.

  22. Have thoroughly ejoyed ALL the Bill Gastner novels , and anxiously waiting on next medical novel from the Northwest .

  23. The sign of a good book to me is whether or not I can reread it indefinitely. Practically the only other series I have ever done that with is Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe. I have now read Gastner numerous times and never get tired of it. BTW, when is the next one coming out?

  24. Sadly, I’m reading the last Posadas county mystery book.. I stumbled upon the series by accident while shopping online for NM products. I used to live in NM and dearly miss it sometimes. Anyway I picked up Red, Greed for Murder and continued from there. As an author, you have an amazing ability to make the reader feel that the characters actually exist in Posadas county and you leave the reader hungering for more. I’m wondering if you are going to continue the series with Bob Torrez or if you are finished with Posadas County. Anyway, I loved the books. Thank you!

  25. Thanks for a different perspective on the border counties–this is a great series and I was delighted to learn that NightZone was released when I wasn’t looking! I needed a Posadas County fix!

  26. Today I asked at Coles Bookstore (Montreal, Quebec) about ordering Night Zone but they said it was only available on CD. Is it going to be published in paperback? Print on demand? Last time I tried to listen to a book on CD I kept falling asleep (fortunately I wasn’t driving at the time!) so I prefer holding the book in my hand.

  27. I know I sound like an echo (have just read all the other people’s comments) but I LOVE the Posadas County books and the wonderful characters. Please, please, keep them coming!

  28. My husband and I have read and re-read the Posadas county books with great pleasure. Would Mr. Havil consider including a recipe for the Green Chile Burrito Grande, double smothered? We missed the County Manager and Dr. Francis’s aunt in the most recent book. Would that Mr. Havil would write as quickly as we finish the latest.

  29. Just finished “Nightzone”. A well paced story with the usual characters, and they are wonderful. Now I have read all your books and will wait for another Gastner adventure.

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  31. I ,like many of your readers, have finished the complete Posadas series including the prequel(18). I intend to read them all again but would like to do it in chronological order this time.I know the Series # is not the actual sequence order, and wonder if you have them listed that way.

    • 1-Heartshot 2-Bitter Recoil 3-Twice Buried
      4-Before She Dies 5-Privileged to Kill 6-Prolonged Exposure
      7-Out of Season 8-Dead Weight 9-Bag Limit
      10-Scavengers 11-Discount for Death 12-Red, Green, or Murder
      13-Convenient Disposal 14-Final Payment 15-The Fourth Time is Murder
      16-Double Prey 17-One Perfect Shot (Prequel) 18-NightZone
      19-Blood Sweep 20-Come Dark (out April 2016)

      This is the sequence of how the series folds out. Red, Green, or Murder was actually the 16th published, but it falls into number 12 in following the story.

  32. Please tell me when a new Posadas County mystery is going to come out, one that is a not a back story, but an update on Estelle’s family. I’m hopelessly hooked and eagerly waiting for a new story.

  33. I picked up book one at the library a few months ago,and loved it, so kept going back, working to get each in date order. Love the series! I just finished “A Discount for Death ” and am worried to see the end of the series. I actually came across the authors name while reading “Comes a time for burning” because I really like historical mysteries. When I found the authors name on this series on the shelf at the library, while looking for more historical mysteries, thought I would just give it a try, it is sort of outside my interests, not all that into southwest mysteries …but I love the characters. Great reads! Looking forward to any Steven Havill coming up…thanks for many great hours of reading!

  34. I am reading the last one….# 18. I am reading this one slowly because I don’t want it to end. I love Bill Gastner and will miss him like a good friend has died. I’m really taking this hard. I guess I’ll have to read them all again. What a good series of stories!

  35. Bill Gastner, Estelle, and all the characters of Posadas County seem as old friends now. Have enjoyed the whole series. They did seem to run out of locals to pin the bad deeds on towards the end however. Does Mr Havill have a map of Posadas County somewhere to keep all the geographical details consistent??

    Thanks for the hours of good reading!!

  36. Thank you for such an enjoyable series of books. I am totally addicted to the Posadas County series and want more, and more. Please keep them coming.

  37. Thanks Steven for the ‘can’t -put-down’ books. With my new Kindle and free book web sites I discovered Red,green or Murder and loved it but it was in the middle of the series so I scouted my library, found five books and had to fill in with the rest on amazon. Just finished the last book and recommend them to my friend and brother-in-law. Living in the East it was refreshing to eat the dust and sands of the West. Happy Trails.

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  39. I have read several of the Posada series and find myself idly wondering what Bill and Estelle are up. They seem so real to me. Thank you Steven.

  40. I have enjoyed “reading” the Bill Gastner series very much. I drive a transport truck and listen to the audio versions. This way i “read” the books with my ears. I am looking forward to the next one. Thanks very much Steven.

    • I discovered Steven F. Havill thru the Apple Book Store with #10, Red, Green or Murder which was a freebie. I so enjoyed the story that I have proceeded to read the others and am currently at #12 A Discount for Death. I have enjoyed them all–not only the mysteries and plots, but also the wonderful and often witty writing. Have recommended to friends and we are trying to get our local library interested in having the books available–they currently are not carried.. Thank you Steven F. Havill for my new discovery!

      (Was rather surprised to see the picture of the author as a rather “lean” man. I sorta thought he would be of Gastner proportions!)

  41. I have so enjoyed Steven F. Havill’s writing. The Posadas books should be made into a TV series. I’m sure they would be a well watched series if done in the spirit of his books, as he brings the down home feeling of his writings of New Mexico to life in ones mind.

  42. I am nearing the end of the Posadas series so far, and so am taking my time with the last couple of stories. As many others have said Mr Havill’s books have the ability to transport me to Posadas New Mexico, and the characters begin to feel like members of my extended family. I have only read the second Dr. Thomas Parks book, and look forward to reading the first, as the second was the equal of the Posadas series and as carefully constructed. I hope we will be privileged with more from this humane and sensitive author, with his fully realized character and down to earth humor.

  43. Please tell me there will be more Posados County Mysteries, I’ve read all of them now and would love to see them keep coming????

  44. Someone once told me the sign of a good book is that it transports you, makes you forget where you are, lingers with you long after you’ve finished .

    I will be in a coffee shop , reading the lastest of the Posadas mysteries, and am taken by surprise when I look up and find I’m in Central Pennsylvania, not New Mexico !

    Working full time is certainly interfering with my Posadas habit ! Can’t wait to continue with the rest of the series.

  45. I recently discovered Steven Havilll’s books, and can’t put them down! His characters are so real and you imagine that you are living in Posadas. I now have found his newest character, set in the timber country of Washington State, Dr. Thomas Parks. Keep them coming!

    • I, also, recently discovered Posadas County!!! What caught my eye as I read the synopsis, was the New Mexico setting….My grandfather was a Montoya from a small town south of Las Cruzes. So was intrigued. Then after “reading” the 2nd or 3rd book discovered Gastner was a retired Marine GySgt. It made my day….as my husband is a retired Marine.
      I, too, have been transported to that little town. The people see so real. Havill is a great story teller.
      Since I have a vision problem I receive these books on audio from the Library of Congress’s Talking books for the blind and handicapped They have a wonderful “reader”; who dramatically changes his voice for all the characters. I have downloaded all the books available; and can’t wait to “read” them all.

  46. I am reading book 8 of the Posada mysteries. I think it was in book 6 Gastner’s neighbor buries his wife on the sheriff’s property. It was never made clear if it was a murderer or not. Did I miss it? Or will it be cleared up in a future book?

    Thank you
    Huge Fan
    Debra Giretto

  47. Am a fan of southwest mystery novels, always looking for authors I have not yet found. Picked up one of the later books, read the inside cover, liked what I read. Went to the library and found all of the books, started with #1 and just finished #14 The Final Payment. I have the remaining books ready to pick up at the library, they will make a nice read over the holiays! Thanks to the Phoenix Library System which goes out across the state to other library systems for the books they don’t have, and allows you to borrow them!!

  48. I have enjoyed each and every adventures of Estelle and Bill. The series is one I always feel cannot be written fast enough to satisfy my reading needs. I really enjoyed “One Perfect Shot,” that set the stage for the relationship between Bill and Estelle. I am selfishly hoping for a part 2 to this budding friendship

  49. Loved the books. As soon as I read the first one I was hooked until I read the entire series. However, I read them out of order. I am now re-reading the series in order and wondering what I will do when finished. These are great. Please tell me there’s more to come. I feel as if I know each character individually, and I’m now scheming to see how I can persuad my husband to go to New Mexico on our next vacation (not North Carolina). Just as one book had Bill Gastner sitting on his daugter’s patio, up north somewhere, and he was visualizing his home territory, I can practically sense the smells and feel the wind coming across the dessert as I read the books. And including the map at the front of the books was a great idea. Very helpful. Now I can find my way thru to pass and into the nearby towns with no trouble. Very enjoyable! Very well written! Thank you for sharing your great talent!

  50. I’m sad to report I have now read all of Steven Havill’s Posadas County books. They are simply wonderful. Can’t wait for the next one.

  51. I really enjoy the Posadas County Mysteries. I may be going through them too fast. I dread getting to the last one.

  52. Will the Dr. Thomas Parks series be continuing? I just started “Comes a Time for Burning” and I am really hoping there will be more books!

  53. Hi Steve,

    We are having our 50th High School Reunion on July 12, 13, 14, 2013. Please let me know your current address and email.

    Great success on your books!!!


  54. I have been a fan since the first of Mr. Havill’s Bill Gastner and Posadas County stories. The atmosphere of the books is such that you want to move next door to Estelle Reyes-Guzman and her family, have breakfast with Bill (perhaps a less heated breakfast) and ride along the highways and back roads of the area in the dead of night. I feel as if I’ve MET these people and want to touch base with them again. Thank you for writing about Posadas County. I want more, much, much more!!!

  55. I recently found Steven Havill, Bill Gastner and Posadas County. I am a medically retired Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper. If I had been able to finish my career, I would have liked to work for a department like Posadas County and a Sheriff like Gastner. These books are some of the best Police Procedural mysteries that I have read. I am an avid reader (100-150 books a year) and am enjoying Mr Havill’s books. I am reading Red, Green or Murder right now. Each book is written so well, the dialog and scene description pull you right in.
    Thank you for some fantastic books and hopefully many more in our future.

  56. I love the Posadas County Mystery series. I have been a fan of Steven F. Havill since he was my writing instructor with the Writer’s Digest writing program. I am happy to say that reading his books have inspired me to put pen to paper again since I have retired from my day job -this time for a completed mystery novel. Keep writing Steven. I am going to read #15 in a day or two. I look forward to your next one.

  57. Hi. In “One Perfect Shot,” a musician named “Frankie Lane” is mentioned. Did Steven mean “Frankie Laine”?

    Thank you.

  58. Just to let everyone know that you can download most of Steven’s books as ebook or audiobooks from It is a free service through local libraries. I get them through the Albuquerque Public Library. You have to have a library card then you can “check out” the ebooks. You can search for your local library on the site.

  59. Just wanted to say that I discovered the Posadas County Mysteries at our local bookstore, Books Etc., in Ruidoso and we (my sister-in-law and I) have become huge fans! Thanks to Steven for sharing his talent and for introducing us to the folks in Posadas County!

  60. For the past many years, I received books written by Steven Havill from the Worldwide Mystery Library, which is now under Harlequin. I read them and then passed them on to a handicapped friend in another state who has since died.

    I’d like to read some of the other titles, but I can’t remember which ones I already read. Can you provide a list of titles that were published by Worldwide Mystery?

    Thank you.

    • Sadly, we do not have such a list available. If you read Steven’s author page, however, there are descriptions from each book which might help you remember which ones you have and have not read. Sorry!

    • I am a 74 year old Colorado native, live in El Paso County, CO, east of Colorado Springs.
      A year or so ago, I found one of your books offered free on Amazon. I had recently forsaken library books for e-books so I can increase font size and read on my computer. Reading has been a primary hobby of mine since I was 9 years old. I often read 4 or 5 books a week. With a very limited budget, I download a lot of free books and utilize the public library constantly.
      I am particularly attracted to books about Colorado and nearby states. Among my favorite authors are C.J. Box, Jeff Carson, John Dunning, Michael McGarrity, Michael Connelly, and for the past year Steven F. Haville.
      I am thankful to have discovered your books. Many of your characters are so real to me that I think I would recognize them if I saw them at Wal-Mart.

      Thank you so much for making both Heartshot and Scavengers available free on Amazon. I am also grateful that the Pikes Peak Library District has your e-books available there.

      I have read the majority of your books, and guess when I have read them all I may start over.

      May God continue to bless you and I hope you will write many more fine books.


      Gerry Nelson
      Peyton, CO

    • Amazon’s Kindle Store has a “Steven F. Havill” page which lists all his novels. Most of them are identified by series number, and clicking on the book will bring up a page with a short description as well as details such as book length and consumer reviews. It can be very helpful, but I doubt if It will show which books were published by Worldwide Mystery.

      My personal experience is that there is not a bad Posadas Count or Bill Gastner book in the whole bunch. He is an exceptionally fine writer.

  61. I have followed this series from the beginning. Gastner retired from the job several books ago. This book, advertised as a new release, has him back on the job and meeting Estelle for the first time. Would someone please explain this????

    • Steven Havill decided we needed a prequel of sorts, so he is filling in some back story. This book takes us back in the timeline a bit. Hope that helps!

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