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P.F. Chisholm is a pseudonym of a well-known writer of historical thrillers, childrens’ books, and nonfiction blogs and ebooks. Previous titles in the Sir Robert Carey and Sergeant Dodd series are A Famine of Horses, A Season of Knives, A Surfeit of Guns, A Plague of Angels, and A Murder of Crows. After the events in An Air of Treason, Sir Robert and Sergeant Dodd will be heading back to the Anglo- Scottish Border where trouble is brewing as usual.


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3 Responses to P F Chisholm

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed your Sir Robert Carey mysteries. Beautifully written, humorous (American spelling!), excellent characters and plots. I do hope you keep writing them. Thank you, thank you.

  2. I heartily second Amy’s request above — please write more Sir Robert Carey adventures!
    Haven’t enjoyed a series so much in many a year, and I’m an inveterate reader of history and historical fiction. As I recall, I read my first book in this genre in 5th grade (Last Clash of Claymores) which put me on the track for researching and reading history and historical fiction, a pursuit that has not slackened in my long 76 years of life. You have added greatly to my enjoyment. My heartfelt thanks for this.

  3. Absolutely LOVED the Sir Robert Carey books — there MUST be another one coming soon. Mustn’t there???? Read every of them this past week. Truly excellent writing, characters as real as if you were in the room (smelling) them and listening to them plot. Please don’t give us writing about them all. Surely Sir Robert finally prevails over Elizabeth’s horrifically awful husband!

    A. Hughes

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