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MICHAEL NORMAN is a writer and retired journalism professor who lives in an absolutely unhaunted house near the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St.Paul. Beth Scott, who died in early 1994, was full-time freelance writer for more than thirty-five years.

Books by Michael Norman at Poisoned Pen Press

On Deadly Ground 3

On Deadly Ground: A J. D. Books Mystery #1

Kanab, Utah is bitterly divided by the politics of land management. When environmentalist David Greenbriar is found dead, County Sheriff, Charley Sutter, seeks help from newly appointed Law Enforcement Ranger, J. D. Books. Books discovers that [...] Read More →

Silent Witness low res cover

Silent Witness: A Sam Kincaid Mystery #2

Sam Kincaid and Kate McConnell must once again look beneath the obvious in an increasingly dangerous scenario.The armored car robbery went terribly awry, leaving two people dead. One was a member of the gang believed responsible [...] Read More →

Skeleton Picnic

Skeleton Picnic: A J. D. Books Mystery #2

Third generation Kanab residents Rolly and Abigail Rogers come from a long line of dedicated pot hunters who scour the desert southwest in search of valuable antiquities.  When the Utah couple fails to return from a [...] Read More →

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6 Responses to Michael Norman

  1. I too was looking for a different book but happened on Silent Witness so decided to try it. A wonderful addition has now been made to my library. I will back track now and read the Commission. I too am looking forward to more Sam Kincaid. Thank you Michael

  2. I am hoping there will be a third novel in the Sam Kincaid series. My only complaint about both The Commission and Silent Witness is that I completed reading them. Cheers to Mr. Norman for providing such literary page turners.


  3. I was searching for J.D. Robb and the J.D. Books series was part of the results. Always looking for new mystery writers, I borrowed the ebook versions and thoroughly enjoyed both! Will be checking out the Sam Kincaid books as soon as I post this! Thanks for opening up a new writer and different locations for me (one gets tired of NYC and LA)!

    Mary B

  4. Just finished first Sam Kincaid novel. Thoroughly enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to the next one! It held my interest throughout the book; in fact, I put it down only because my kindle needed to be recharged!

  5. I just want to say that I was between books , had a couple on order, but I wanted something to read. I being new to kindle I wanted something fast so I looked into the free section . I found what I expected a few short stories, nothing to tell friends about, some noted authors with previews to get you interested in there new books. I also saw the Commission. What I found was a great story , a good page turner that was hard to put down. The writing was good and it flowed well. I look forward to reading the next Sam Kincaid mystery ( which ill purchase even though I could probably find it at the library ) and hopefully more to come . Thanks to mr Norman for some good entertainment

  6. I have just finished the first Sam Kincaid novel and totally enjoyed it that I had to get the second one while I am on vacation. Can’t wait to explore your other books and hope there will be other Sam Kincaid books.

    Mark Lawrence

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