Island Blues: A Sabrina Dunsweeny Mystery #2

By Wendy Howell Mills


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Sabrina Dunsweeny is discovering that life in a tropical environment isn’t all fun and games. When the town council offers her employment as the island’s first official ombudsman, Sabrina is thrilled. Her first order of business is to deal with a number of burglaries. But as she digs deeper into the theftless break-ins, she begins to suspect that this mystery originated in the rum-soaked days of prohibition. Then, Sabrina must face the Hummers who claim that they can hear a hum they can only rid themselves of through private rituals. When the spokesman of the Hummers is murdered, Sabrina develops a theory that makes her the target of a killer’s rage. Will she survive her first week on the job? This is the second installment in the Island Style Mystery Series


"Sabrina...holds promise for future development." --Kirkus Reviews

"Sabrina Dunsweeney, who moved from Cincinnati to remote Comico Island in Island Intrigue (2005), has her dream job: the islands new and first ever ombudsoman. When a string of burglaries has everyone in a tizzy, Sabrina vows to solve the mystery. Then a murder at a local hotel complicates matters still further. The second Dunsweeney cozy lives up to the promise of the first: its smartly constructed, and comfortably written, with a likable protagonist and a fresh setting. Mills has subtly changed the humor-to-mystery balance, too, with this novel being quite a bit funnier than its predecessor." --Booklist

"Sabrina Dunsweeney left a teaching career in Cincinnati for the gentler clime of Comico Island in 2006's Island Intrigue, but island living has not yet proved entirely carefree for this amateur sleuth, whose new position as island ombudsman has her negotiating some delicate tourist-local relations in Mills's silly but fun follow-up. Both tourism and the death rate rise when an odd organization, Hummers International Inc., comes to Comico for a retreat. The Hummers 'hear the Hum,' which is the 'voice of the universe,' explains Hummers president Michael Siderius. But perhaps Hummer spokesman Gilbert Kane, found floating face down in the marina, heard too much. While the remaining Hummers fear for their lives-and their hearing-Sabrina works on cracking the case as well as a string of break-ins. Mills's eccentric, vaguely Southern resort community may tap into the escapist fantasies of people feeling trapped in humdrum lives and searching for a 'patch of paradise.'"--Publishers Weekly

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