Fever Dream: A Daniel Rinaldi Mystery #2

By Dennis Palumbo


Fever Dream

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Nearly a year after Pittsburgh psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi helped unravel a baffling murder, he finds himself drawn into another case.
On a blistering summer day, a bank robbery goes wrong, resulting in the deaths of all the hostages except Treva Williams. Rinaldi is called in by police to treat Treva. But an unforseen series of events plunges the investigating officers, Sergeant Harry Polk and Detective Eleanor Lowrey—as well as Rinaldi—into a vortex of mistaken identity, kidnapping, and revelations about District Attorney Leland Sinclair’s gubernatorial campaign. Is Sinclair somehow involved in surprising bank case.
Rinaldi’s attention is diverted by the suicide of a young patient and his growing attraction to Eleanor, as the recently-divorced Harry Polk spirals into an alcohol-driven, self-destructive free-fall. Then sudden death threats against Sinclair fuel a new frenzy of accusations and political maneuvering, and Rinaldi begins to make connections. Soon, what he knows—or thinks he knows—will pull him toward a shocking and possibly lethal confrontation.


"In Palumbo’s exciting second mystery featuring Pittsburgh psychologist Daniel Rinaldi (after 2010’s Mirror Image), the police bring in Daniel as a trauma expert to care for Treva Williams, the sole survivor of a bank robbery hostage situation gone bad. Though she’s clearly traumatized, Treva has her own secrets, including a former relationship with a cop, another with an abusive thug, and a string of questionable choices. As the center of a messy crime with high stakes, Treva appears to be a link between several unrelated events tainting district attorney Leland Sinclair, who’s running for governor of Pennsylvania. When the governor’s race heats up, Daniel is thrown into a dangerous mix of political intrigue, murder, manipulation, and explosive revelations that could rock Pittsburgh. Palumbo takes the reader into the seamy side of the Steel City, chock-full of corruption and crime, love and loss. (Nov.)" --Publishers Weekly

"Palumbo, also a psychologist, has used his knowledge to create a huge paranoid delusion: everything is connected, it’s all part of a master plot, and nearly everybody’s in on it. But this time it’s all true. Rinaldi’s methods are as much Columbo as shrink: he notices details that don’t fit and picks at them until the whole psychodrama comes clear. A smart, strong read." --Booklist

"The second Rinaldi police procedural (see Mirror Image) is an exciting thriller filled with twists and spins. The fast-paced story line keeps the reader's attention as Dennis Palumbo provides an engaging spinning tale in which each time fans and the shrink think they know what really happened in the fog of the bank robbery, the plot takes us elsewhere. Fever Dreams is a wonderful mystery." --Midwest Book Review

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