Escape Artist: An Edna Ferber Mystery #2

By Ed Ifkovic

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In 1904 Edna Ferber is a nineteen-year-old girl reporter for the Appleton, Wisconsin “Crescent,” an occupation that many townspeople, including her own family, consider scandalous for a proper young girl. By chance, she interviews Harry Houdini, in town visiting old friends. Houdini, as Ehrich Weiss, spent his boyhood years in the small town. When Frana Lempke, a beautiful young German high-school girl, disappears and is soon discovered murdered, Edna asks Houdini for help in solving the murder. The unusual crime baffles the local police because Frana mysteriously disappeared from a locked room at the high school. Houdini, the celebrated escape artist, takes a liking to Edna and agrees to help. But as Edna pursues the story, alienating any number of people, she senses that she is being followed. It’s a troubling summer for her. Her homelike is in disorder, though she is dedicated to a blind father. Her mother and sister dislike her walking the streets as a reporter. Worse, the newsroom has become a hostile environment, with a new city editor determined to undermine her. Piecing together the clues, she comes to see that her own life in the small town is unraveling. As the future best-selling writer starts to solve the crime, she understands that her involvement will impact her life forever. In 1904 future best-selling writer Edna Ferber, then a nineteen-year-old fledgling reporter in Appleton, Wisconsin, teams up with famed escape artist Harry Houdini to solve the baffling murder of a beautiful young girl who has mysteriously disappeared from a locked room at the local high school.


"If Edna's personality is more astringent than appealing, the smothering details of smalltown life justify her determined efforts to show what women can do." --Publishers Weekly

Escape Artist kept me drawn in and I found the first-person narration riveting. Edna/Ed Ifkovic tells this story of a small-town murder exceptionally well. Looking for Frana's killer gives the reader a peek into several ugly sights in this peaceful little town in the Fox River Valley. I recommend this book enthusiastically!” --I Love a Mystery

"The case is a fabulous locked room murder mystery but it is Ferber encouraged by Houdini who makes the tale as she begins to break out of the societal glass cage holding her back." --Harriet Klausner

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