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Edward Ifkovic taught literature and creative writing at a community college in Connecticut for over three decades. His short stories and essays have appeared in the “Village Voice, America, Hartford Monthly”, and “Journal of Popular Culture”. A longtime devotee of mystery novels, he fondly recalls discovering Erle Stanley Gardner’s ‘Perry Mason’ series in a family bookcase.

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Cafe Europa: An Edna Ferber Mystery #6

In 1914, as rumors of war float across Europe, Edna Ferber travels to Budapest with Winifred Moss, a famous London suffragette, to visit the homeland of her dead father and to see the sights. Author Edna […] Read More →


Cold Morning: An Edna Ferber Mystery #7

January 3, 1935. The trial opens in Flemington, New Jersey, for the man accused of “the crime of the century.” And Edna Ferber is there to cover it. 1932. On a windy March 1 night, Charles Lindbergh, America’s […] Read More →

Downtown Strut

Downtown Strut: An Edna Ferber Mystery #4

Manhattan, 1927: Edna Ferber prepares for “the Ferber season on Broadway.” On December 27, the musical adaptation of Show Boat by Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern opens. On December 28, The Royal Family, her comedy of […] Read More →


Escape Artist: An Edna Ferber Mystery #2

In 1904 Edna Ferber is a nineteen-year-old girl reporter for the Appleton, Wisconsin “Crescent,” an occupation that many townspeople, including her own family, consider scandalous for a proper young girl. By chance, she interviews Harry Houdini, […] Read More →

Final Curtain

Final Curtain: An Edna Ferber Mystery #5

Who murdered the handsome young actor? And why? In 1940, against the chilling backdrop of Hitler’s rise and the specter of another world war, Edna Ferber decides to follow an old dream: to act onstage. Starring […] Read More →

Make Believe dj.indd

Make Believe: An Edna Ferber Mystery #3

In June 1951 Edna Ferber heads to Hollywood to support an old friend who has found himself blacklisted, The McCarthy hearings in Washington have rattled Hollywood with allegations of Communist-leaning sympathies. She has no intention of […] Read More →

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4 Responses to Ed Ifkovic

  1. The image of “A Girl Holding Lilacs” drew me inexorably to it – yet there were NO reviews on Amazon.com, which piqued my curiosity. The author’s preface stated that he had experienced difficulties with an earlier version, but that the contents were now what he had wished to write.
    I felt singularly saddened to find that whoever did his second editing has done a terrible injustice to Mr. Ifkovic. The second half of the book is replete with typos of all sorts. By the time I had enjoyed the first, well-edited, pages I was hooked, but it was torturous reading for this free-lance West Hartford editor of 30 years. I am so saddened for Mr. Ifkovic. Two other novels of his are wonderful.

  2. I have read all three Edna Ferber mysteries and have thoroughly enjoy them. I know they have not recently be published, but I do enjoy. I am hoping for one more episode of Edna’s adventures. I am thinking of taking a trip of Marva Texas.

  3. Dear Sir or Madam,

    My name is Joseph Campana, and I work for Thomas Riggs & Company (www.thomasriggs.net). I wrote to ask you have an email address for Edward Ifkovic. I am updating the Gale Encyclopedia of Multicultural America. Mr. Ifkovic wrote the entry on Croatian Americans. I would like to ask him if he is interested in updating the entry.

    Thank you for considering my request.

    Kind regards,

    Joseph Campana
    Project Editor, Thomas Riggs & Company

  4. Mr. Ifkovic,

    I read 3-4 books a week and thoroughly enjoyed “Escape Artist.” Well plotted and good characters. I would sugggest that you have your agent try to contact the Hallmark Channel. This would be a great TV movie.

    Yours truly,

    Gene Rutt

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