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Night Terrors dj.indd

Night Terrors: A Daniel Rinaldi Mystery #3


After twenty years spent inside the heads of the nation’s worst serial killers, retired FBI profiler Lyle Barnes is falling apart mentally. Psychologist and trauma expert Daniel Rinaldi thinks he can help Barnes through his terrible night visions. Barnes, however,  is also the target of an unknown assassin whose mounting list of victims paralyzes the city and lands Lyle in protective custody.  When Barnes flies the coop, he draws Daniel and the …

Night Detectives, The, dj.indd

The Night Detectives: A David Mapstone Mystery #6


The private-detective business starts out badly for former Phoenix Deputy David Mapstone and his old friend Sheriff Mike Peralta. Mapstone and Peralta are investigating a suspicious death involving a young Arizona woman who fell from a condo tower in San Diego. The police call Grace Hunter’s death a suicide, but the client doesn’t buy it. He’s her brother. Or is he? Shortly after hiring the team, he is gunned down, and police find multiple drive…

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