Devil’s Food: A Corinna Chapman Mystery #3

By Kerry Greenwood

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If there’s one thing that Corinna Chapman, baker extraordinaire and proprietor of the Earthly Delights Bakery, can’t abide, it’s people not eating well, particularly when there are delights like her very own, just-baked, freshly buttered sourdough bread to enjoy. So when a strange cult which denies the flesh and eats only famine bread turns up, along with a malnourished body, Corinna is very disturbed indeed.
On top of that, her hippie mother, Starshine, has turned up out of the blue, hysterical that Sunlight, Corinna’s father, has absconded to Melbourne with all their money and a desire for a new young lover.
Someone is poisoning people with weight loss herbal teas, and then there are odd things happening at the nearby Cafe Vlad Tepes, which attracts a very strange clientele indeed. Altogether, it’s a delicious recipe for murder, mayhem, and mystery.

Devil’s Food is the winner of the 2005 Davitt Readers Choice Award for Crime.


"Corinna shows every indication of sticking around for a good long time." --Booklist

"Not in any sense a classic mystery. But like-minded readers will find themselves charmed by the oddball characters and obligatory recipes." --Kirkus Reviews

"While a glossary of Australian terms would've helped the American reader, this doesn't detract from the warmhearted message that it takes a village to solve a mystery." --Publishers Weekly

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