Cover Reveal – High Stakes: A Jack Doyle Mystery by John McEvoy

Poisoned Pen Press Cover Reveal – High Stakes: A Jack Doyle Mystery by John McEvoy. Irreverent Jack Doyle has worn many hats, one or two blown off by his irrepressible temper. A former boxer, advertising rep, and publicity man, Jack’s mid-life career has been shaped by the world of thoroughbred horse racing and dark deeds therein. So it’s no surprise when two FBI agents he’s sleuthed with before pressure him to identify an animal activist who is carrying out mercy killings of retired race horses donated to Midwestern university veterinary schools.

You Can Always Go Deeper

When I retired from the corporate/technical world I was done. I’d had it with palace intrigue, shrinking budgets, and scientific experiments that didn’t always proceed according to plan. Mother Nature, we used to say, could be a shifty bitch. Shortly after I retired, I spotted an ad in the local paper from a school that [...] Read More →

Finger Food

My brains are in my fingers. I’ve thought a lot about Tammy’s recent post and the excuses we use not to write. Not only do I have a predicable line-up of ploys, but one is deadly and I’m have to be ever vigilant to keep from succumbing. My biggest downfall is a compulsion to solve problems or look [...] Read More →

What’s an ORC?

Awhile ago, my friend Jeannie Dunlap, an online asset-protection professional, shared a guest post here about gift card fraud. Today, she kindly agreed to an interview so I could pick her brain about online retail fraud. What we don’t want in our personal lives, we definitely want in our fictional worlds. Gotta love double-duty research. [...] Read More →

Looking for Magic

Why is it that, despite some 156 appointments to the contrary*, I continue to hold out hope my next hair appointment will be transforming? Anyone out there with me on that? *Rough calculation based on years in which I cared about my hair. The same hope for transformation must be what compels some people to [...] Read More →

A Visit to Trafalgar, British Columbia

  By Vicki Delany  As most readers of the Constable Molly Smith series know, the town of Trafaglar, B.C. is closely based on Nelson, B.C.  I love Nelson. It’s a small, quirky, friendly town, smack dab in the centre of the BC wilderness. It’s located in a valley, alongside a river, surrounded by mountains on [...] Read More →

Cover Reveal – The Wolf and the Lamb: A Jerusalem Mystery by Frederick Ramsay

Poisoned Pen Press Cover Reveal Friday – The Wolf and the Lamb: A Jerusalem Mystery by Frederick Ramsay.
It’s Passover. Gamaliel, and his physician friend, Loukas, are crime-solving a third time—reluctantly. Pontius Pilate has been accused of murder. He denies the crime. If convicted, he might escape death but would be removed from Judea. Those rejoicing urge the Rabban to mind his own business. But Gamaliel is a Just Man which is, as Pilate points out, “your weakness and also your strength.”

My Mother’s Many Hats

(A guest blog by Barbara Leavy’s son Steven Widom about growing up while his mother was becoming a scholar and writer. Playing guitar for Peter and Mom.)     When I was a little boy in the early 60s I witnessed my Mother work towards her PhD in English. We lived in an apartment light on [...] Read More →

Running Over the Goat

I, Donis, usually post on the 27th of every month. For the first time since I began writing for this blog three years ago, I totally forgot about last month. I didn’t even think about it until three or four days afterwards. My latest book, Hell With the Lid Blown Off, came out in June [...] Read More →