College From A Different Perspective

Professor Siger.  Never thought I’d hear that. Yet I am, two hours a day, five days a week, from sixteen college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in my English Department class at Washington & Jefferson College, a picture postcard perfect, small liberal arts college in southwest Pennsylvania dating back to 1781. The photograph at the top […] Read More →

The Day the Light Fell Down

by Mary Reed It happened over a decade ago but the horror lingers on. Imagine, if you will (shades of Rocky Horror) we Innocent Scribblers sitting in the basement, steaming mugs of coffee in hand, mulling over the next bits of golden mysterious prose to write, when… … without so much as a by-your-leave or […] Read More →

Let Us Now Praise (In)famous Baz

Great literature is the third rail of the motion picture industry. The director who attempts to adapt a beloved novel to the big screen invites the slings and arrows of outraged fans. One obvious reason is that the standard length of a motion picture is 100 minutes (or 100 script pages), which means that big chunks […] Read More →

Ask The Cards A Question

It was one of those social media things that make the rounds on Facebook – share ten things that most people don’t know about you. I mentioned the usual — like that I saw a UFO once, or that I was attacked by baboons on an elementary school field trip – but it was the […] Read More →

No Non Sense

As I put chapped fingers to smooth keys, the wind outside is gusting hard enough to rattle the screens on the windows and cause the bathroom air vents to flap open and shut with metallic clicks. The juniper trees which inhabit our little hill bend their branches in unison like a crowd doing “the wave.” […] Read More →

Clerks and Errand Boys

  The other day I read about a writer for Guns and Ammo magazine who was abruptly fired after an article of his questioned the notion that any regulation of guns was unconstitutional. Apparently advertisers suggested that if the writer stayed, they wouldn’t. One Friday evening I attended church and heard the pastor utter a […] Read More →

A Fine Balance

I love the new year. This year I resolve to find a better balance between work and sloth. I want to do a better job of putting technology to work for me so I can read more books. Despite what all the cynics say about the futility of making resolutions, I find that every year […] Read More →

Snow Day

It’s Friday, January 3, 2014 here in New York and we were hit by a big snowstorm last night. And I want to say “Hooray!” That would not be a popular point of view here today, but there’s nothing I can do about it. One of my earliest memories is banks of shoveled snow along […] Read More →

The Game is On!

If the title of this post sent your heart fluttering, then like me, you’re a fan of the BBC’s SHERLOCK. But I must apologize, because I’m not writing today about SHERLOCK, but about a game that will soon be on, in support of libraries in the Pacific Northwest. It’s true the word “library” doesn’t send […] Read More →