The Phantom Month

I lost October. All I know is I wrote the last post for this blog, and then … PFFFT. It’s Halloween. (OK, it’s two days past Halloween now … see what I mean?) I more or less know where the month went. I started with a lovely vacation to Japan, a great week away from [...] Read More →

All Hail King Ludd

There is a commercial currently running on television in which a man sitting on a green couch says to some off-screen person, “It’s the newest and latest and greatest, and everybody wants that.” Not so fast, bub. Technology advances in spite of all attempts to slow it down. Sometimes that’s a very good thing. Witness [...] Read More →

The Trouble with Elmer

During the past month I’ve been going through my old diaries in an effort to reacquaint myself with life at age eleven and strengthen the voice of a new character in a book I’m writing. It’s been an interesting read, in some ways like delving into the past of someone fictional, but in other ways [...] Read More →

A Tall Tale, Sort of

by Mary Reed Perusing Arthur Guy Empey’s ‘Tommy’s Dictionary of the Trenches’, published in 1917 as part of his memoir From the Fire Step: The Experiences of an American Soldier in the British Army, I was struck by his statement that World War I bantam regiments were made up of men “under the standard army [...] Read More →

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Who Tells The Story: Favorite Narrators

I came across a fun piece in Publishers Weekly by the author Antoine Wilson entitled “The 10 Best Narrators in Literature.” As he explains, the range of fictional narrators goes from the World Swallower to the Unreliable Narrator. Reading through Wilson’s Top 10 got me thinking about my own favorites. I’ve narrowed my list to five. My [...] Read More →

An Autumn Wedding

      I am looking out my window on a suburban scene.  A grid of streets with neat houses and gardens, and a lot of trees.  Only a few are showing autumn colors, little touches of red here and there.  In Massachusetts, where we go on weekends, more trees are turning, but foliage is late this [...] Read More →

Dinah Ist Ein Berliner

BY JEANNE MATTHEWS I spent part of September in Berlin doing research for my next Dinah Pelerin mystery. Dinah and her Norwegian boyfriend, Thor, decided to move to the city at the end of my last book and so naturally, I had to reconnoiter the place. The last time I visited Berlin in 1968, people [...] Read More →