From Mary Anna–Ho ho ho

By the time this posts, I will be in Arizona, cozily celebrating Christmas with two of my kids, a kid-in-law, and two of my grandkids. This image, dancing like a sugarplum in my head, drives anything pointed and pithy right out of that same head, so this will be a warm and fuzzy post.  I […] Read More →

The Morning the Coffee Pot Fell Down

by Mary and Eric… (…masquerading as Eric but written, like our books, by both.) As readers and writers of murder mysteries, Mary and I well know how our comforting everyday routines shield us from the harsh realities of the world. We all walk familiar paths, seemingly safe, hemmed in by cozy mists. Yet the winds […] Read More →

The Joy of Porn Parodies: A Holiday Challenge

When you think of porn, I bet the first thing that pops up isn’t the Federal Antidilution Act. It is, however, if your day job is the practice of intellectual property law. Indeed, the intersection of porn, parody, and the First Amendment has inspired a holiday party challenge, described below. But first, a little legal background from your attorney-scribe, who has sacrificed billable hours […] Read More →


      As Christmas nears, there is still time for shopping.  In my Thanksgiving blog I complained about the catalogs I was inundated with.  Actually, there is one I enjoy a lot and I keep a few back issues as they arrive. So if you don’t already get it, you could probably go to the website […] Read More →


THE POLITICS OF SEEDS By Jeanne Matthews What if Shakespeare had been able to copyright each and every word that appears in his plays and the law prohibited the re-use of those words without making a payment to the author’s heirs? Or what if Michelangelo could have copyrighted the colors he used in his Sistine […] Read More →

No Cross Words for Crosswords

  Years ago, at about the time I started writing books, but long before getting one published , I began solving crosswords on a daily basis.  I signed up for a subscription to the NYTimes puzzle on line, and got into the routine of downloading and printing the next day’s puzzle as soon as it […] Read More →

In The Bleak Midwinter

My dad loved Christmas. He even raised poinsettias. I believe they were the only plants he ever raised. Whatever time he could squeeze from life, he would take us around to wonder at vistas of lights, and to buy a thick and symmetrical tree. The presents he gave us were always thoughtful. Then he died, […] Read More →