Poisoned Pen Press Covers

I love my covers for the Lottie Albright Series. They are colorful, unique and capture the essence and intent of every book. They are produced by Nicholas Greenwood. Because I liked my covers so much, I checked. Sure enough the same studio designed all of my covers. Rick Blechta, my blogmate on Type M for [...] Read More →

Walker in the City

  What’s on my mind – as Facebook always asks – today is Alfred Kazin . The Wednesday New York Times book review began with a reference to “the next Alfred Kazin” and I jumped, as I had just begun re-reading one of his best books, Walker in the City. I haven’t read it since [...] Read More →

What Process?

One of the questions we writers like to ask each other concerns our process for writing out books. I like to use the terms “plotter or pantser?” for the giggles the latter usually provokes in non-writers. Fundamentally, the issue is a writer’s creative process. Does he/she (me?) outline a book before writing a word and [...] Read More →

The Tastiest Time of the Year

 By Vicki Delany It’s fall, and the eating is good. Here in Southern Ontario, the growing season is short, with the result that we end up with a month jam-packed with fabulous foods. And it’s a mad rush to get all that produce canned and frozen and made into other things (like jam) while it’s [...] Read More →

One Damned Thing After Another

  There has been too much going on in my life lately. Too many things that have to be taken care of with the car, with the house. Too many doctor appointments and friends and relatives in need. Too many meetings and trips out of town and visitors coming in to town. Too many guest [...] Read More →

Crossing Bridges

Virginia Woolf’s familiar words “A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction” come to mind each morning these days, as I pass by my new home office on my way out the door to my job. I’m a publisher as well as a writer, and the [...] Read More →

Stuff I’ve Learned

Stuff I’ve learned that makes sense to me, and makes life easier: 1. Be kind even when you don’t feel like it. That’s a lot of the time, right? People don’t always act how I think they should, or how I would, or how society wants them to. But you know what? Most of the [...] Read More →

Bouchercon, Here I Am.

If you’re at Bouchercon today (Thursday) between 12 noon and 12:55 PM, attending a panel discussion in Room 6 entitled, “When in Rome—Murder is Everywhere,” and reading this…be ashamed of yourself. Turn off your device and listen to the panelists. They’re very interesting. Especially the guy with the long silver hair who sounds like he’s [...] Read More →

Forgotten at the Grocery

Today my co-writer Eric Mayer, or as we usually call him the silent partner, emerges from the shadows to guest blog. Take it away, Eric! — Mary Reed This time it was the three bean salad. It’s always something. The awful realization hits me when I’m halfway home, or hauling the bags out of the [...] Read More →

Untold Tales of Wild and Crazy Love

Love stories have generated mountains of literary analysis over the years. From Tristan & Isolde to Romeo & Juliet to Elizabeth Bennett & Mr. Darcy to Anastasia Steel & Christian Grey, the ins-and-outs (pun sort of intended) of the amorous relationships between fictional characters have been probed  (guilty again) from every angle (ok, enough) by scholars [...] Read More →