The joy of beginnings

Oh, the joy of beginnings. Yesterday, Tammy Kaehler wrote about starting all over again. She and Tina Whittle and I (and perhaps others of you out there) have recently turned in a final manuscript and are now in that curious space between books. Personally, I love it here. Before the first words are written, even […] Read More →

And Start All Over Again

As my posts over the last couple months (on refocusing, writing scared, and beta readers) indicated, I’ve been in the “finish the book” cycle of the year. Which is now behind me (hooray!). With a couple weeks in hand now for recovering—mostly staring at a wall and blinking a lot—I’m facing the blank page again. […] Read More →

The Monster Under the Bed

He’s not only under the bed, but in my closet, behind the door, and worst of all, skulking around my writing nook. His name is Fear, and he’s paralyzed me with his piercing, soul-sucking gaze. Whenever my fingers touch the keyboard, Fear batters me with questions: Have you done enough research? Somebody is sure to […] Read More →

I Am Eggs Benedict

Remember, you are what you eat.  Here’s what I, Donis, am today: 1 piece of  toast, 2 cups of coffee; a sample of salsa and chips from Trader Joes; 1 tangerine; 1 cup of vanilla rooibos tea; 1 bowl of curry over noodles; 1/2 chocolate chip cookie.  8 potato chips. Does that tell you anything […] Read More →


I was driving my daughter and her friend to the mall on Saturday, listening to their conversation as they spoke from the back seat. It’s interesting how they seem to think I can’t hear them. Anyway, they were talking about Nash Grier and Vines and Bruno Mars and lots of other things “2014.” I, meanwhile, […] Read More →

Why I Do What I Do.

It’s been quite a busy patch at the keyboard. Wish I could say it’s been spent creating the next Andreas Kaldis adventure—so does TEE I venture to guess. But alas, dear editor, I must fess up to dallying among the other allures of this writing life. I’m not complaining, as everything that’s had me distracted […] Read More →

When I Was a Danger to the Public

by Mary Reed I once spent a couple of days in quarantine and was reminded of that time last week on reading a BBC report that with over 860 cases reported in the first eight weeks of this year, the number of cases of scarlet fever has reached a 24 year high in the UK […] Read More →