Taking a Leap

  The manuscript of the third Rick Montoya Italian Mystery has been sent to the Press. It will no doubt need some more work from me once it has come under the trained eye of the editors, but for the moment I am without a book. I’m pretty busy with other stuff in my life […] Read More →

Sort of Ashamed

I’m not proud of my productivity today. I wasted time trying to find a piece of paper that I put in the wrong place. I was tired because I slept poorly last night, which happens when the trees start coming to life and my allergies act up. So I’m late posting today and I will […] Read More →

Writer’s Block?

Every so often the words ‘writers’ block’ come up in a conversation, whether in person or in the digiworld. It’s a touchy subject, as it is thrown around rather easily. Some people, including writers, maintain it doesn’t exist at all. And lots of people, writers and not, “have “cures” for it even if it doesn’t […] Read More →

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

I’ll start with a confession—an especially embarrassing one, since I’m blogging on my publisher’s site. I haven’t been writing fiction for three months now. The short story is it’s been a tumultuous time in my personal and professional life (primarily the latter), starting with the holidays, progressing through helping organize a 2,400-person conference for my […] Read More →

The Artist and Society

I have been addressing in my previous blogs the question of whether we expect authors to be examples of liberalism, fair-mindedness, empathy for the under-privileged.  Writers who fall short of this humanistic standard are often rejected or are praised despite their views because of their creative talents.  On the other side, I have argued in […] Read More →

Sit Down. Let’s Eat

I have just returned to my home in Arizona following a week-long book tour in Raleigh, North Carolina, with our own Vicki Delany (writing as Eva Gates for this trip), and her fellow Canadian author Erika Chase, known to her friends and relatives as Linda Wiken. The events we did were arranged by the wonderful […] Read More →

My Book Came True.

In 2010 I published my second Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis novel, Assassins of Athens, in the US (Poisoned Pen), the UK (Little Brown), and Greece (in Greek and English by Aikaterini Lalaouni Editions). In Greece, Assassins of Athens drew critical praise from journalists—not just reviewers—and not just as a mystery. It was described as anticipating […] Read More →