I was hanging out with writer friends when someone suggested that the best move we could make was to, at the appropriate time, put aside writing for a few weeks or months and devote ourselves to promotion. Afterward, we could return to writing with more optimism about the fate of our books. One writer commented: [...] Read More →

Thank you, thank you.

We had quite a flurry of discussion in the Poisoned Pen Press newsletter over The New Yorker blogger who dissed all the notes, acknowledgements and thank yous contained in books. He maintained these additions were unnecessary and no one reads them. I heartily disagree. I read all notes. I love them. I even read footnotes in [...] Read More →

My Week This Week

I imagine we all wear too many hats at times. This week I need to be mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, daughter, sister. And writer. I even volunteered for most of it. What could I have been thinking? While I am shopping via Fresh Direct (yay!) I have a full day of cooking (Wednesday.) I will be [...] Read More →

Labeling History

In my home state of Washington, there’ll be an initiative on the ballot this fall that asks residents if they want foods that contain GMO’s (genetically-modified-organisms,) to be labeled as such. I’m all for it. I think labels are a great thing and advances in labeling over the years have saved many lives. The question [...] Read More →

Finding the Edge

Racing is about holding a car at the very edge of control to wring maximum speed and performance out of it. To find that edge, a driver sometimes needs to go past the edge of his or her capabilities—to be able to go right up next to the edge in the future. If the driver’s [...] Read More →


By Vicki Delany Oops. Forgot it’s time for my monthly blog post.  I don’t have a heck of a lot to say, and not a lot of time to say it in. I am in Ottawa right now for my brother’s wedding.

Blowing Things Up

I, Donis, have a tendency to read several days worth of entries on this blog at one sitting, which means that I am often behind in my commenting on the the brilliance of my blogmates. Tina Whittle’s entry of August 10 (This Post is NOT About Backpacks) gave me particular pause, because I am always [...] Read More →

My Playlist

The idea of this blog is to allow our readers to get to know us better. There are all sorts of things to talk about, and I’ve covered some of them — baking, exercise, books I like, British television, American television, flowers, and desert islands. What else is there? Well, music, of course! Some authors [...] Read More →


What to do? What to say? When to strike? Questions all non-household brand-name authors ask themselves when faced with promoting a new book. Sorry to say, but no one has any sure-fire ready answers. Forget about advice from the Big Five (used to be six) publishers on how to successfully promote your book, for despite [...] Read More →