“It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing. – Gertrude Stein, novelist, poet, and playwright.” Hmmm. So what did Ms. Gertrude mean by genius? Lately I’m seeing or hearing the word everywhere. All those folks who work  in the Apple store […] Read More →

If Your Baby Cries, Do You Pick Him Up?

When my first book, Matters of Doubt, published, I was a little surprised to find that some readers thought that the book reflected a liberal bias on my part. In Matters of Doubt, my protagonist, Cal Claxton, becomes involved with a woman running a free medical clinic for homeless people in Portland, Oregon and a […] Read More →

Spring is Sprung

Spring is sprung. Or has it? Here in the northeast there is room for doubt. Yes, officially it’s been spring since March 20. On that day, the high temperature in New York was 38, and it snowed.  By March 31 it had crept up to 47. Not exactly springlike. We had clumps of icy, dirty […] Read More →

Pendulum Swing

These days, I have a lot of free time on my hands. I’m still recovering from the day job, and I’m slowly taking steps to building up a freelance writing business (very slow steps … but that’s another blog post). And I’m working on my fiction again, thank goodness. All of that has happened rather […] Read More →

Animals and Emotions

When I was an undergraduate, the five four-years branches of the City University of New York each had a psychology department with varying orientations.  Ours ran mice through mazes; if you were interested in Freud and his followers, you went elsewhere.  I was not a psych major so that when I took Psych 101 its focus was […] Read More →

Poisoned Pen Press Cover Reveal – The Dungeon House: A Lake District Mystery #7 by Martin Edwards

Synopsis: The magnificent Dungeon House and gardens overlook Cumbria’s remote western coast with its mix of beaches, dunes, and fells, Roman ruins, and nuclear plant. Twenty years ago the wealthy Whiteleys called it home. But not a happy one. Malcolm Whiteley had begun to disintegrate under financial and emotional pressures. He suspected various men in […] Read More →

Greeks and the Middle Finger

This past week, Greece’s Finance Minister created quite (another) stir in the European media when confronted on German television with a video of him purportedly giving Germany the middle finger at a broadly attended 2013 international conference in Croatia. He admitted the conference took place and that he spoke there, but claimed he “never” gave […] Read More →

No Sign of the Geese Yet

by Mary Reed This past couple of months we’ve seen plenty of snow drops but none of the floral type, and there are still late lingering drifts here and there with talk of perhaps a small amount of snow arriving yet again in a day or so. Even more revealing is that no returning geese […] Read More →

In Praise of Cage-Free Characters

By Michael A. Kahn Over the years, as both reader and writer, I’ve come to appreciate the joys of what I call the cage-free characters. Think of them as the fictional version of free-range chickens. For readers, the cage-free character is the minor character who suddenly appears to have taken control of the novel or […] Read More →