Lost and Found, Found and Lost

I lost my keys at the coffee shop. This is a not-unusual thing; I am always losing something – my keys, my sunglasses. Gone, I say briskly. Pragmatically. My life no longer has (fill in the blank) and I proceed.

On Reading, Writing, and James Patterson

Every time I open my computer I find an ad for a James Patterson writing master class. And now I understand James Patterson has a new venture. He is going to offer children’s books (which he or one of his minions writes, I wonder?). Then whomever buys and reads one gets another for free, or […] Read More →

To Simplicity

Last week was spent in electronics hell. I hook up all my own stuff. Not because I’m a glutton for punishment, but because hiring people to do this never seems to go well for me. For instance, Wednesday when I finally threw in the towel, I arranged for a service call from Comcast. The young […] Read More →

Fireworks, Now and Always

The 4th of the month is always my blog day, so I get our national holiday every year plus my own birthday in May.  Today I am re-posting thoughts from July, 2014. Appropriately enough, we went to a wedding last year, this weekend, in Lexington, MA. Yep. That Lexington, the place where it all got […] Read More →

Walking a Mile on Your Hands

Imagine you’re at a high school track, at the starting line. You’re going to go a mile. Four full laps. And you’re going to walk on your hands. The doubts immediately begin. I’m no good at walking on my hands. I can’t possibly do that for even ten feet. It’ll take forever. I’ll never get […] Read More →

The Polish writer at the Literary Festival

An extract from my book on Literary festivals and such —————————————————————————– In which a potential Nobel Prize winner reads from his book to a hysterical crowd   Meeta looked at the schedule. ‘Hmm, choices, choices. Hall A has the little-known Oriya poet Mohapatra speaking about his little-known poems.’ ‘Fascinating,’ I said, and I meant to […] Read More →

Food in a Hot Climate

Donis here. Jeffrey Siger noted in his previous entry that he’s currently working on a new novel, which process he likens to wandering through a forest. I’m in the same boat right now. I can envision myself with a pith helmet and a machete, hacking out a path and hunting for the shining city of […] Read More →

Two For The Road.

The other day my good buddy Tim Hallinan posted this observation on his Facebook page. “Started a new book today, tentatively called FOOLS’ RIVER, with the usual mix of anticipation and terror. As many stories as I’ve written, it seems to me that I still do it the way I did the first time, which […] Read More →

A Long Intellectual Face and a Good Natured Bull

by Mary Reed In my last couple of blogs I took a look at how writers of older novels unconsciously reveal contemporary notions of beauty, so it’s only fair after speaking about the fair sex that I should devote this blog to authors’ descriptions of handsome characters, again taken at random from vintage books. Gents […] Read More →

The 6 Great American Baseball Novels

By Michael A. Kahn “Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball.” Those words–written by American scholar Jacques Barzun—are now engraved on a plaque at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. In his book, God’s Country and Mine: A Declaration of Love Spiced with a Few Harsh Words […] Read More →