When Mary Reed described how her pleasant thoughts about a job in London were awakened by memories of passing  Harrods every day on the way to the office and  visiting its sumptuous food halls at lunch hour; and then, when Eric Mayer, Mary’s co-author and husband, lamented that the only pot that made coffee as […] Read More →


By Jeanne Matthews The first blurb appeared in 1907 on the jacket of Gelett Burgess’ book ARE YOU A BROMIDE? It featured a picture of a refined looking lady named Miss Belinda Blurb, one hand cupped around her mouth as if shouting, “Say Ain’t this book a 90 H.P., six-cylinder Seller? When you’ve read this […] Read More →

Like The Man Said, The Past Isn’t Even Past

It’s always an odd feeling, when fiction and real life meet. It’s a crossroads moment – to the left, the world I created, with characters I know as intimately as my own head. To the right, the world flowing under its own steam, with people of flesh and bone, events I cannot foresee or control.

Plate Collecting for Fun and Calories

It’s probably not a good idea to write these things just before lunch, since this will be my second consecutive post about food.  But here’s my excuse: a common theme when I hear from readers about my book is that they liked the descriptions of the Italian food.  So this is really about writing.  Is […] Read More →


I’m hardly a serious reader of Marcel Proust, having only gotten through Swan’s Way. But though I find him daunting and soporific, I admire what he puts readers through, which is: it’s nearly impossible to read any of his lengthier or more complex sentences and not feel baffled without reading closely. Proust forces us to […] Read More →

Our Thrilling Weather

The weather has been on my mind lately. How can it not be? It was minus 16 here in Loveland last night. I have a signing at Poisoned Pen Saturday. Flights are being cancelled right and left and its making me nervous. Kansans are focused on the weather and I had nearly forgotten what it […] Read More →

Time the Trickster

I saw the revival of the show Pippin recently and one song keeps going around in my head. Here is that simple but persistent lyric: Oh, it’s time to start livin’ Time to take a little from this world we’re given Time to take time, cause spring will turn to fall In just no time […] Read More →


The day this posts, February 3rd, I’m scheduled to send the full draft of the fourth Professor Bradshaw Mystery, THE EDISON EFFECT to PPP. Which means I’m currently reading through the manuscript and making edits. After my fabulous editors, Barbara Peters and Annette Rogers, read the manuscript, they’ll make suggestions that will without a doubt […] Read More →

Writing Scared

Current status: writing scared. To an extent, it describes my permanent state as a mystery writer—I came to the endeavor late, and I remain in shock that people seem to enjoy the world I create. (That’s not fishing for compliments, that’s simply stating fact.) So, in a sense, I’m always writing scared. But this month, […] Read More →