Old Friends, New Friends

Last week I was in Sacramento CA at my favorite writing conference, Western Writers of America. I have a long history with this organization. It was there I made my first friends in the writing community. These friendships have lasted ever since my first convention when I arrived in Santa Fe,  scared to death, but with manuscript […] Read More →


The 4th of the month is always my blog day, so I get our national holiday every year. Appropriately enough, we went to a wedding last weekend in Lexington, MA. Yep. That Lexington, the place where it all got started. Paul Revere and other riders and the farmers who stood by the rude bridge that […] Read More →

Crime Squad Hiatus

Up here in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve been privileged to spend time with some amazing authors, and now, after several successful operations, the Seattle7Writers Crime Squad is on summer hiatus! We had a great time fulfilling our mission of creating connections between writers, readers, booksellers, and librarians. Now it’s time to recharge, research, and revise. […] Read More →

Time Off

I’ve been feeling confused lately. On one hand, I’ve been counting down the minutes until today, because I’ve planned a (very) mini summer vacation for myself over the coming long weekend. (I use up so much vacation time from my day job to attend book and race events that I have little left over for […] Read More →

El Presidente

By Vicki Delany As of a couple of weeks ago I became the president of the Crime Writers of Canada.  The post was not entirely a surprise, as I was the National Vice-Prez before that. Still, I am now slowly getting into my new role. Let me introduce the CWC to those of you who […] Read More →

What Are You Reading?

My TBR pile has dwindled to a mere 15 books, which is obviously too few, so it is time to ask my fellow mystery readers and writers that all-important question: Who am I missing? I just finished Kim Fay‘s The Map of Lost Memories, which was an Edgar nominee for best first novel in 2012, even […] Read More →

Come To Long Beach November 13-16.

In the interest of full disclosure, this post may be viewed by some as promotional of an organization for which I serve as vice-chairman of its national board.  In fact, if there are any who read this and find that it’s not promotional, I obviously did a lousy job of writing it. Because that’s what […] Read More →

A Seedy Tale

by Mary Reed They came again at twilight, creeping out of the woods at the bottom of the back garden. Several of them of all ages, all intent on mischief. Too many to tackle, some bigger than us. Yes, the deer were back to decimate our hostas again. That was last year. So far this […] Read More →

What’s On My Nightstand?

By Michael A. Kahn. One question invariably asked of authors during interviews is: “What are you reading?” Presumably, the interviewer is not interested in the work-related materials that authors are often reading, which can range from proofs of their next book to royalty statements for their last book to reviews of the current one. Instead, the interviewer wants to know what we are […] Read More →