No , . . that is more likely to occur in faculty offices behind closed doors. In a response to a recent Warren Easley blog about finding joy in a very troubled world, I made a reference to Keats’s “Ode on a Grecian Urn.”  This triggered my memories of teaching this poem. If you teach […] Read More →

Thankful for Every Word

I hope all of you here in the States are having a nice Thanksgiving. I am actually writing this entry on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, since I intend to be eating as you read this. I spent a couple of hours today trying to get myself back into work mode by scrubbing out my toaster […] Read More →

Five Cover Reveal Friday with Poisoned Pen Press

Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Japan by Vasudev Murthy Synopsis: It’s 1893. King Kamehameha III of Hawaii declares Sovereignty Restoration Day … Tension grows between China and Japan over Korea … The Bengal Famine worsens … A brilliant scientist in Calcutta challenges the system … The senior priest at Kyoto’s Kinkaku-ji temple is found dead […] Read More →

Golly, Gee Whiz, Batman.

I’ve a post due in few hours!  And that’s no joker. How could I have so lost track of time? I guess it’s because I got back from Long Beach after midnight today and I’m off to Iceland tomorrow. Thank the gods I have a 36 hour layover of sorts in New York City because […] Read More →

Written By The Wind

by Mary Reed As November winds howl, we near the end of the first draft of Murder In Megara, set in Greece whence our protagonist John, formerly Lord Chamberlain to Emperor Justinian, has been exiled. By one of memory’s nimble hop, skip, and jumps, the gusts currently buffeting the towers of Casa Maywrite reminded me […] Read More →

Coolest Author’s Headshot EVER!

By Michael A. Kahn As the publication date approaches, an author receives the headshot request from the publisher. The headshot is the photo of the author to be included on the back of the dust jacket of the book. These days that preferred headshot is just that, namely, a photo of the author from the […] Read More →


Next weekend is the West Coast Ragtime Festival in Sacramento. Three full days and evenings of ragtime and early jazz, from 9am till 11 at night, with informational seminars, and the opportunity to sit down with friends I see only once or twice a year. That Festival has always been a major refresher for me, […] Read More →

Time Sucks

  In a recent N.Y. Times crossword puzzle the phrase TIME SUCKS appeared as an answer. Alert readers of this blog will recall that I frequently get on Wordplay, the Times blog where we solvers comment on, praise, and criticize the daily puzzle. There is always discussion of specific words and usages, and this one […] Read More →

Barbara and The Good Know Nothing

In the beginning, my novel The Good Know Nothing (Poisoned Pen Press, August 2014) was a challenge that weighed me down. At first I conceived of a long and complex historical saga, though not as ambitious as War and Peace or Dr. Zhivago. More like Grapes of Wrath. On a trip to Scottsdale, I met […] Read More →