The Latest Weather Report

Everyone who has every studied writing has heard that an author should never begin a book with a weather report, and I, Donis, am always conscious of that bit of writerly folk wisdom every time I do it. In fact I’m going to do it right now. We have had the most spectacular May here in […] Read More →

Poisoned Pen Press Cover Reveal – Brooklyn Secrets: An Erica Donato Mystery by Triss Stein

Synopsis: Erica Donato, Brooklyn girl, urban history grad student, and single mom, is researching the 1930s when Brownsville was the home of the notorious organized criminals the newspapers called Murder Inc. She quickly learns that even in rapidly changing Brooklyn, Brownsville remains much as it was. It is still poor, it is still tough, and […] Read More →

Top 10 Baseball Walk-Up Songs in Literature

By Michael A. Kahn For the true baseball fans among us, name a favorite player and you can name his walk-up song. Same for your team’s closer (whose walk-up song is known as the “entrance song”). For the uninitiated, a walk-up song is that heavy metal, hip hop, or country tune that blares throughout the […] Read More →

Clearing the mind for action

Ann Parker here, sliding in by the side door and teetering at the edge of the room. It’s been a bit of a “dry season” for me, writing-wise (well, at  least for fiction-writing), and I’m working to change that, one little step at a time.


The other night, my wife and I went to see the Seattle Fifth Avenue Theater’s production of Carousel. The piece began in the usual manner with the Carousel Waltz, continued with “You’re A Queer One, Julie Jordan” -nothing unusual. But when the musicians swung into If I Loved You, another stage sprang up before my […] Read More →

A Mother’s Day Moment

Allow me, if you will, a moment of indulgence. Tis Mother’s Day after all, and since I am both daughter and mom, I get to be a little sentimental. But I have to tell you about my daughter.

We’re In

You know the scene in the caper movies when everyone in the gang is crouching behind the guy who is the specialist in cracking locks. They are silent as he spins the tumblers, one ear to the steel door. It is dark and cold, and they all wear wool ski caps. As the minutes pass, […] Read More →

Please Read

Over lots of years teaching creative writing, a few times I have lamented that I didn’t chose another profession. Real estate? Long haul trucking? One lament came through a letter from a former student. He had written to thank me for a certain piece of advice he believed I had given. The advice, “If you want to […] Read More →