It Takes a Saloon …

I know, many of you think the title of this post is just an opportunistic attempt on my part to draw attention to my piddling post by knocking off the title of a certain Presidential candidate’s best seller. But if I really wanted to do something like that, I’d have drawn more attention by calling […] Read More →

What I Don’t Like to See in Mysteries

by Eric Mayer After I agreed to fill in for my co-author Mary this month I couldn’t decide what I’d like to write about. So I’ll write about what I don’t like. It’s an easy topic right now. Most of the summer we’ve had temperatures in the nineties. Eleven straight days at one point with […] Read More →


  Big crash up ahead last night. Couldn’t make it to yoga class. Settled in to wait, grateful for my car’s AC, grateful I wasn’t in the crash, sorry for those who were. This person in my car . . . really? Me? How did I learn to be so calm in such a frustrating […] Read More →

The Devil in the Details

My fellow Poisoned Pen Press authors have been touching on the craft quite a bit this month. I’ll continue the thread, since I am several thousand words into the first draft of the next book in the series, and facing many of the issues they have brought up. Let me pick up specifically on Triss Stein’s discussion […] Read More →

A Character Takes Over

This post will be mighty short. Maybe. Often I think something will be short but it ends up going on and on. As my friend Alan Russell points out whenever we appear at an event together, I once meant to write a short story but it has since reached 1400 pages and is still growing. […] Read More →

Maybe You’re Doing It Wrong

A recent article in the New York Times focused on mistakes people make in using Twitter. The article concentrated on correcting false assumptions about the purpose of the program. The article brought to mind an argument I had with one of daughters about the merits of LinkedIn. She’s a marketing expert and really believes in the […] Read More →

Details: Not the Most, Just the Best

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about using details in writing. One reason is that I am deep into revising a lumpy first draft, making it into something clear and sparkling. At least that is my goal! This is the time to get rid of what is not necessary and polish up what is. It’s […] Read More →

Writing Journey: Hard Work and a Little Magic

Last month, I blogged about being partway through a new journey—writing to the headlights, every day. Plowing through the story, regardless of how messed up the story feels. Just keep writing, Tammy. Don’t think, write. Along the way, during those other hours of the day, while I shopped or did other work or chatted with […] Read More →