It’s very quiet here in the Poisoned Pen blog spot today, since most of you are enjoying a giant dinner and a football game. But here I sit among the tumbleweeds, listening to the sound of crickets, because I, Donis, very much want to wish all of America a Happy Thanksgiving (and a belated Thanksgiving to my […] Read More →

No Excuses.

I have been a very bad boy. Okay, not in the sense many of you might think I mean—or as I might fondly (and inaccurately) remember I once was —but certainly toward my fellow contributors on our PPP blog. Up until a few weeks ago I never missed commenting on my colleague’s posts. I religiously […] Read More →

First, Catch Your Cold

by Mary Reed Glancing recently through Mrs Beeton’s far-famed Book of Household Management I noticed, despite common wisdom, she did not instruct cooks intending to create jugged hare to first catch their hare. No, in fact Mrs B’s two recipes for this dish leap right to the chase. The first begins “Skin, paunch, and wash […] Read More →

A Magical Poem

    By Michael A. Kahn Despite being an English major in college, poetry has never been at the top of my list of favorite art forms. But several years ago, I came across a poem that I immediately fell in love with: “Sailing to Byzantium” by William Butler Yeats. Wanting to save the poem, […] Read More →


First Sunday in November, my least-favorite day of the year. Not just because it’s cold, gray, rainy and gloomy. It’s back to Standard Time. From one day to the next, sunset an hour earlier, and for the next month and a half, roughly three minutes less of daylight each day.   Sigh.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

During Bouchercon 2015, I was honored to moderate a panel on YA literature featuring members of my daughter’s high school book club (along with Poisoned Pencil author B.K. Stevens talking about her new YA mystery, Fighting Chance). The YAs were intelligent, articulate, and opinionated. Too often, the discussion of YA literature is limited to the […] Read More →

Rick Redux

One of life’s eternal verities is that if a blog posting falls in the same month as the publication of one’s book, said blog must deal with said book. Not being one to mess with the rules, I will tell you a bit about the third book in the Rick Montoya Italian Mystery series, Murder […] Read More →

Throwing in the Towel

A couple of weeks ago I was hit by a horrible malware attack. It was especially viscous and I was tied in knots. I couldn’t download the software it would have taken to get rid of it because the malware had blocked all rescue sites. The program even emulated Norton and if I had fallen for it […] Read More →

Counting Down

It’s almost here. In less than a month, my new book, Brooklyn Secrets, will be out in the world. I am appropriately excited and nervous. It was a harder book to write than I expected and while I hope I succeeded, who knows? So I am sidetracking anxiety by immersing myself in publicity activities. We […] Read More →

A Year of Transitions

I’m not ready for 2015 to be almost over. As I said to someone the other day, “What happened to April?” Friends (they claim) tell me it’s a sign of getting old. The situation isn’t helped by the fact that on November 1, it’s 82 degrees here. (What fall? What winter??) Whatever the case, 2016 […] Read More →