I wrote another blog and was going to schedule it for January 28. It addressed a question in my December blog: can art be considered great if its content or if the artist does not reflect what most would call liberal views? The other side of that would be whether a book can be over-praised […] Read More →

War Cake

It’s that time again. As I draw near to the end of each Alafair Tucker mystery I begin testing the early 20th Century recipes that I will put in the back of the book. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. Ten years ago, I was not more than ten pages into […] Read More →

The Goth A-List

by Mary Reed Research often entices the seeker down some very strange and dark byways, twisty deserted streets or dusty, oddly quiet lanes — yet often even the most seemingly ordinary path winds at last to literary countryside so fascinating that it takes a really stern effort of will to turn back and retrace one’s […] Read More →

Some Awesome Questions for You (and Me)

By Michael A. Kahn Ready for some fun? Read on. I was recently interviewed by the blog Reviewing the Evidence for their “SIXTY SECONDS WITH … ” feature. Although they haven’t yet posted my interview–and thus my lips must remain sealed for now–the questions they asked me (and other authors before me) are among the most […] Read More →


Throughout my writing career I’ve been fortunate regarding editors. The editors for my nonfiction books have been thorough, tactful, and to the point, and have saved me from making many embarrassing missteps. And the editors for my mysteries – Dorrie O’Brien of the late Write Way Publishing, and Barbara Peters of Poisoned Pen Press – […] Read More →

Pump It Up

  I have a problem that may put me in the minority among my fellow writers: I don’t write enough. I’m not talking about time spent writing, though I may be guilty of that as well, but rather the the number of words that I put into a book. I am about to finish the […] Read More →