The Truth About the Writing Life

I loved reading Jeffrey Siger’s entry about having fun with writing. This is a philosophy that everyone should apply to the best of her ability to every aspect of life. Bad things happen that must be dealt with, so you might as well enjoy yourself when you can. The ninth book in my Alafair Tucker […] Read More →

Are We Having Fun Yet?

I sure hope so. I know I am. More than I ever imagined. And yes, having fun is perhaps the biggest writing tip ever. As I often say, “Writing is a lousy way to make a living, but a wonderful way to make a life.” If you’re interested in big bucks and fame, buy a […] Read More →

Reed’s Miniature Portable Cooling System

by Mary Reed We just sent the press the manuscript of a World War Two novel set in Newcastle-on-Tyne, the sequel to this year’s The Guardian Stones. Since I drew upon childhood memories of the city, here’s a bit of nostalgia also based on that time. One week-day during the summer holidays while the adults […] Read More →

Bad Words and Good Characters

A well-read, educated man once put the question to me. “You write so nicely,” he said. “Such good stories, so clever.  First, Do No Harm.  The Ragtime Kid.  You don’t use a lot of bad words, but the few that you do salt in ruin the experience for me. I really think my wife would […] Read More →

Did You Meet A Killer Today?

Agatha Christie once opined: “Every murderer is somebody’s old friend.” It’s a reality we mystery writers exploit every time we plot a whodunit. We insert our guilty party into scene after scene with people who once dated this person, who are related to this person, who have this person bake cakes for their special occasions. […] Read More →

Thanks Grandma, for Ivanhoe

My grandma, a master storyteller and descendant of some noble folks from England and Scotland, was understandably a devoted fan of Sir Walter Scott. Since I spent most of my childhood living in her home, I read Ivanhoe when I was quite young. A long while ago. So I picked it up on Kindle and […] Read More →

A Lifetime of Networking

Last week I attended the Western Writers convention in Cheyenne Wyoming. My first convention was in 1982. It was a brave, brave move on my part. I had just finished writing a historical novel about homesteading in Western Kansas. Ironically, my biggest motivation in going was that I had been warned not to by another […] Read More →

Fireworks, Now and Always

The 4th of the month is always my blog day, so I get our national holiday every year. Today I am posting some edited thoughts from other Julys. Appropriately enough, we went to a wedding last year, this very holiday weekend, in Lexington, MA. Yep. That Lexington, the place where it all got started. Paul […] Read More →