The Crime of the Century? Which One?

By Michael A. Kahn As a trial lawyer by day and a writer of legal thrillers and mysteries by night, I have long been fascinated with the so-called “headline trials”–both the ones that take place in real courtrooms and those that unfold in fictional ones. After all, the most famous lawyer of the 20th Century [...] Read More →


One morning recently, I picked up a box of breakfast cereal and noticed this phrase on the back panel : “We are passionate and committed…” Which is as far as I got in my reading. The words triggered an interesting mental image of what life might be like in that perfervid cereal factory.

Smoking Guns

The room is dark, that’s the first thing. Dark at the edges, dark behind you. The gun in your hands is dark too, matte black, and heavier than a casual glance might reveal. It’s a real gun . . . except for the lack of a firing mechanism. There’s no path for bullets to be [...] Read More →

The Big Day

Alert readers of this blog will know that the second in my Rick Montoya Italian mystery series, Death in the Dolomites, came out last week. The second book from a new author is perhaps not quite as exciting as that first one, but it somehow validates that it wasn’t just a fluke. (It’s like in [...] Read More →

In My Dreams

A popular writer, Philip Yancey, told me he rarely works on his books while at his home in a city. Instead, he goes alone to a cabin in the mountains and while there does little but write. That’s how I work too, in my dreams. In reality, I have occasionally tried to escape to a [...] Read More →

Identity Anyone?

I’m a Kansan. Never mind that my address says Colorado. I don’t care what these ignorant people call this state. Colorado was once part of Kansas Territory and as far as I’m concerned, it’s still Kansas. Calling Colorado Kansas was the only way I could bring myself to move here. Since I could not bear to leave Kansas [...] Read More →


In just six days, the fourth Professor Bradshaw mystery, THE EDISON EFFECT, will be released! In celebration, I’m giving away a signed first edition hard cover copy of the book that launched Professor Bradshaw’s career as an electrical forensic investigator . . . A SPARK OF DEATH. In A SPARK OF DEATH, a mysterious invention [...] Read More →

Eating Tomatoes at the End of Summer

By Vicki Delany That didn’t last long. Is summer over already? Here in Southern Ontario we didn’t even seem to have one. There wasn’t a day over 30 degrees, it seemed to rain every day, and when it wasn’t raining the clouds were low and the wind strong. A lot of people were delighted to [...] Read More →


When this is posted, I will be in Vermont for the weekend wedding celebrations of our second granddaughter to be married there–although in different venues. Both Jennifer and Julie were graduated from the University of Vermont.  Both met their future husbands there. If you take U.S. Route 7 south into Massachusetts and then the Southern Berkshires, you [...] Read More →

Waste Not, Want Not

I, Donis,  recently read an article in my local newspaper which the modern consumer handy tips on ways to save money so she can sock some away for the future. Here’s what the writer suggests: Give up your cable or dish subscription and buy a streaming device. Consider whether it would be cheaper to drop [...] Read More →