How Do You Write?

This one is a question to all of you out there—mostly writers, but if you non-writers have an opinion, let’s hear it! I want to know how you write. Specifically, do you start at A and write to Z? Or do you sit down to write that day and decide that writing about M sounds […] Read More →

.   The Seventh of Jeffrey Siger’s Andreas Kaldis series:  Devil of Delphi I have read all of Jeffrey Siger’s Andreas Kaldis books.  There are no spoilers in what I am about to discuss. What follows is neither a review nor critical analysis. Instead I will offer a subjective look at my own reaction to Devil of […] Read More →

Greece At War.

On Monday I leave the Sturm und Drang of the land where I spend more of my year than anywhere else on earth for the Trump und Clinton of my birthplace. It’s been a tumultuous three months for Greece, with no telling what true change may lie ahead. Two imminent events might temporarily lower the […] Read More →

Trollope v. Hawthorne: Where’s the “Beef”?

By Michael A. Kahn There are many reasons to admire the 19th-century British novelist Anthony Trollope, beginning with his sparkling prose and vivid characters. And for those of us who write novels but haven’t been able to quit our day job, here’s another reason: during much of his writing career, the remarkably prolific Trollope (47 […] Read More →

Keyboard or pen?

Recently I was on a plane sitting between a couple of people who were both busy working away… However, the person on my left was pounding on the keyboard of her laptop, while the guy on my right was wielding a pen. That got me thinking about something I had read… somewhere… about how the […] Read More →


Plagiarism is more severely frowned upon in literature than in music, where it’s no less than a way of life. When I was in high school in the fifties, I enjoyed much of the music that came over the radio, but wondered why the composers needed to ruin the tunes with the most god-awful, banal, […] Read More →

Lost and Found, Found and Lost

I lost my keys at the coffee shop. This is a not-unusual thing; I am always losing something – my keys, my sunglasses. Gone, I say briskly. Pragmatically. My life no longer has (fill in the blank) and I proceed.