More on Research

Alert readers will recall that a mere nine months ago I wrote here about the joys of research. What fun it is, I bubbled, to immerse oneself into facts and figures that will be seamlessly inserted into the text to the delight of your readers. Nothing beats poring over reference books, extracting just that perfect […] Read More →

A Terrific Signing

The Rev. Dr. Jean-Jacques D’Aoust signed his memoirs today at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Fort Collins. I was so proud of him! He’s 91 years old and an Episcopal priest. When he told me his life-story I urged him to get it down on paper and I would help get it published! He has a doctorate from […] Read More →

That Sneaky Calendar

I’ve never liked hot weather, and like it even less as I get older. Here in New York, surrounded by water as we are, summer is both hot and humid, with sidewalks and buildings holding the heat and blasting it back into the air. This year summer seemed endless and it still isn’t quite done. […] Read More →

The Top Ten

Donis here. I love good reviews. Don’t care for bad ones. I’ve been getting some pretty good reviews of All Men Fear Me, which is due to hit the shelves in November. Here’s a good one from Kirkus Reviews: Casey’s skill at making you care about the injustices of a time and place not often covered […] Read More →

Words and Stuff

No one has ever accused me of spare, tight writing. I have just finished blasting through a quick hard-copy edit of my first rough 100 pages of Silver Rush Book #5 (untitled). With the help of critiques from my critique group, I tossed out extraneous words, odd phrases that sounded nice when I wrote them […] Read More →


My literary hero was a man named John Jerome. In the September 29, 2002 New York Times Book Review, Bruce McCall labeled him “hands down…the most successful writer I’ve ever known.” Jerome wrote eleven books, none of which came close to being a best seller. For this author, the writing was its own reward. Jerome […] Read More →

Message in a Bottle

Through a fascinating bit of serendipity and writerly contacts, I am suddenly a mentor to a high school mystery writer. Wow. This is awesome for many reasons. For one, I have a teenage writer daughter, so I am always impressed with any young person interested in the alchemy of putting words on pages. And two, […] Read More →

The Market

If you read the title of this posting and thought I was going to write about the stock market, you guessed wrong. There are enough musings on line about that sad subject, so you don’t need any from someone who knows nothing about it. The market I refer to is the farmers market which two […] Read More →