Of Memento Mori and Mourning Brooches

Ann Parker here, still trudging through the past. I see in last month’s post I said I would offer a couple other images I scooped up while in the throes of creating the fifth in my Silver Rush series, due out in September, What Gold Buys. Whoops. I’ll offer those images in a future post. […] Read More →

Altered States of Writing

  I, Donis, am just finishing up my ninth novel in the Alafair Tucker series. I only need to write segues and explain loose ends. I shouldn’t need more than an extra five or six thousand words. The only problem is that they have to be five or six thousand good woods that all go […] Read More →

On Finding Your Own Voice

  A couple of months back I wrote a post here about what I saw as the basic structure of the crime novel. I titled it, “A Witch’s Hat Structure for Writing Crime Novels,” based on a month-long university mystery writing course I’d just completed teaching, borrowing generously from the wisdom and works of others […] Read More →

The Problem With Self-Promotion

The Guardian Stones is an exciting departure for us. Set in the UK during WWII, a much different period than our Byzantine mysteries, it is also different in tone, darker perhaps, owing as much to the modern thriller as the Golden Age Detectives.

In Praise of the Lowly Weed

If, like me, you have a lawn out your front door, then taking a Word Association Test using “dandelion” will likely trigger an array of negative terms, including perhaps Weed B Gon and other chemical warfare products offered by Scotts, Ortho, and Monsanto. Thus imagine my surprise at the nearly childlike wonder I experienced earlier this […] Read More →

Astrology: The Clues to My Characters

There is a phenomenon in astrology called the Saturn return. Now I am no astrologer, but the gist of it is this: it’s an astrological transit that occurs when the planet Saturn returns to the same place in the sky that it occupied at the moment of a person’s birth, and it happens roughly 29.5 […] Read More →

Troll Bridge

Since I am at the moment  feverishly making final edits to my next book, Return to Umbria, the protagonist of my Rick Montoya Italian Mystery series has graciously agreed to fill in with an anecdote from his life in Rome.  Many thanks, Rick, I owe you one.    dpw   I don’t cross the Tiber […] Read More →

The Joy of a New Book

Thirteen years and two weeks ago I attended the first session of a weekly night class at an independent bookstore called “Do You Have a Book in You?” It wasn’t a class anyone who knew me then would have expected. You see, while I have made my living with words for the past 20+ years, […] Read More →

Discover New Mystery Novels This April

As always, Poisoned Pen Press is committed to bringing you excellence in mystery novels. Check out our new April titles including some familiar names. Red Flags: A Kate Reilly Mystery #4 By Tammy Kaehler When Kate Reilly arrives in Long Beach, California, a week ahead of the Grand Prix, she’s immediately plunged into a new […] Read More →